Youth of Today


Youth of Today

I have a hard time understanding today’s young people. They play video games like there’s no tomorrow and work…..WORK what is that? Take my grandkids – really take em.

GK #1 – Said no to HS JROTC and yes to the easy life raising 2 kids (I love em all) as a single parent while searching for that easy job paying big time but doing nothing.

GK #2 – Said yes (had no choice) to CAP but only to hob knob with the big wigs (higher ups) and basically wasted his time and mine just going through the motions.

GK #3 – Said yes (big brother was doing it) to CAP but didn’t grasp the basics, went off to Job Corps and then got a job and worked his way up to manager of a car wash.

GK #4 – Said yes to HS JROTC, if for only a week before dropping out, but ignored my plea to join the newly created Space Force so he could be the first Defender to be stationed on Mars to use his videogame skills to keep our country safe.

1 out of 4 gainfully employed, other 3 working at getting ready to be if the pay is good, hours are short and work isn’t that hard.  

I have told all GK# 1 – 4 that going into the military will teach them more about themselves than anything else and besides it pays better than flipping burgers or standing on the corner with a sign (well maybe almost as much).

To paraphrase Carlie Simon, “If you think this is about you, about you, about you – YES IT IS.”

What happened to the days of working hard to prove yourself to your employer, co-workers, family and friends that you are the hardest working guy (gal) on the block and your word means something, in fact it means everything and is the measure of who you are.  

I think I’ll go down to the local Wallymart to see if I can get away with corralling shopping carts and bringing them back to the store because as near as I can figure nobody else cares enough to do it!

Sorry if I’m being a little bit sarcastic, but it’s late in the day, my cup o Jo is empty and I haven’t taken my meds yet. Guess I better get off this here internet and so something constructive. –


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