American Prisoners of Vietnam War Left Behind – UPDATED

Newt Heisley created the image representing his son.


American Prisoners of Vietnam War Left Behind – UPDATED

Every member of the U.S. armed forces has this drilled into his subconscious beginning in basic training that the United States will leave no man behind.

After battle soldiers will pick up and carry our dead off the field of battle.

It is rumored that air crew are given a secret series of numbers, an identification code that can be seen from the satellites and aerial photographs and enable rescue behind enemy lines in the event that aircraft are shot down so that we can send rescue teams who specialize in recovering American airmen.

Recovered airmen are celebrated back at their bases or their remains are processed to be sent home for burial.

Those who are captured and subsequently released are the subject of media released reports, video clips and even ticker tape parades as we are joyous and proud at their return, and that’s how it should be.

The code of the military is “No Man Will Be Left Behind” and that’s exactly how I have felt up until I watched 30 minutes of this 44 minute documentary The Documented Cases: POWs Left Behind.

I struggled to watch the entire video but was overcome with disbelief, extreme sadness followed by anger and rage at what our U.S. government has done, failed to do and hidden from the public when it comes to the POW/MIA (Prisoners of War / Missing In Action) issue following the Vietnam War, although it didn’t start there.

What I’m seeing is that from World War II, The Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War and quite possibly every engagement this nation has fought there have been U.S. Military personnel AND civilians who have been shot down, captured, killed or outright abandoned and left at the hands of our enemies, many of whom have been at one time or another subsequently considered our allies.

I am reminded that not everyone who says they are your friend is.

In fact it’s been said that “in life you can’t always pick your friends, but you can never fail to recognize your enemy”- DJT.

I ask – what if it was your father, brother, uncle, grandparent or close family friend who became lost or unaccounted for on the field of battle, wouldn’t you want them found and brought home preferably alive?

It has been the nature of a great many politicians to lie through their teeth while keeping a straight face as they tell you “the full might of the US government is doing everything possible to bring your loved one home”, when the exact opposite is happening.

We have been witness to recent events where recovered remains from WWII, Korea and Vietnam have been identified at the laboratory in Hawaii before being returned home for burial in some cases after more than 80 years. The family and the nation are saddened by the loss, yet happy to have some level of closure. That too is how it should be, fallen on the field of battle – given a hero’s welcome with full military honors.

Yet this documentary The Documented Cases: POWs Left Behind tells an entirely different story, one of betrayal, conspiracy, undisclosed facts that cost a great many their very lives.

I won’t go into the details, at this point they are way too much to deal with. Let me suffice to say that the men and women of our intelligence community, our defense establishment, congress and the oval office of the president have all been a part of this charade, lying to families about their loved ones and apparently all in the pretense of not wanting to offend a former enemy state that is not considered an ally. As early as 1972 U.S. officials knew there were more POWs than was reported by Laos or N. Vietnam but did not pursue it for reasons I do not fully understand.

It is so much worse that abandoning an ally during their time of need and turning the keys to the city over to their sworn enemy, and all because of convenience or any other ulterior motive.

I’m broken. My faith in this government’s ability to care for our citizens, let alone our military men and women is less than zero.

My faith is in God alone – all others have no credit! –


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