The J6 Committee


The J6 Committee

What was the purpose of the J6 Committee? Is it to investigate and bring out the truth about the events of J6? I think not and placing RNTers on the Committee and in a leadership role did not to insure the “investigation” was bipartisan so what was and is the purpose of the J6 Committee?

We have seen the Committee sanction the active hunting down Americans because they support President Trump, and had gone to hear his speech in DC on J6 and walked down to the Capital Building to have eyes on the validating of the Electoral College votes contested by Trump. We have also seen the CSPAN televised goings on no different than the circus atmosphere of the Trump impeachments. We are told that the Committee is connecting the dots from Trump’s fiery speech to what happened at the Capital.

What we are not told is who placed the suspicious backpack outside the Capital the night of J5, messed around the DNC headquarters also the night of J5. Neither are we told about how Antifa’s  domestic terrorists were funded, transported or housed and then escorted inside the Capital prior to the MAGA crowd arriving after Trump’s speech. Have any of them been hunted down, apprehended and arrested without bail or counsel or still being held in a DC jail? Nor have we heard of a certain religious facility near the Capital Building that is an active conduit for domestic terrorism in Washington DC.

Based on what “evidence” has the Committee easily drawn a straight line while ignoring facts which do not lend to the credibility of an impartial “investigation”?

These are facts:

J6 was to be another act of a preplanned and poorly executed Coup that began on Jan 20, 2017.

J6 was intended to divert attention away from the EC tabulation of contested EC ballots which were then hastily and improperly validated.

J6 was when unarmed Ashley Babbitt posing no threat was murdered by a DCPD lieutenant who was then hailed as a hero by House Speaker Pelosi and others.

The J6 Committee has sought to insure MAGA supporters who went to DC for the Trump rally have been identified, hunted down, and imprisoned for exercising their constitutional right to peaceful assembly, while Antifa members who destroyed property in the Capital and elsewhere have never been identified, charged or imprisoned.

The J6 Committee has become the judicial arm of the Progressive Democratic Party in America.

I don’t care if you love or hate President Trump, facts are facts.

The 2020 election was severely compromised.

Individual rights of Americans were violated.

This bloody coup was to insure Trump’s last days in office were in fact his last days in office.

The election process is broken.

The office of the President of the United States is forever tarnished. –


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