Aggressor or Trigger


Aggressor or Trigger

When watching a boxing match are the opponents seen as aggressors or as acting aggressively? I’ve seen boxers come out swinging wildly hoping to land a knockout punch or at least score a TKO. The opponent often stands there taking a beating or spars fending off those wild punches until the bell rings. Whether it’s ten rounds or two, the aim is to be the last one standing.

The rules of boxing generally state no hitting below the belt or after the bell has rung. Each boxer has their own corner where they are rehydrated, their wounds are tended to and they are ready to take or administer a beating in the next round. Its winner takes all and the trophy is belt of the champion.

What many don’t know or don’t care is that during his high school years Donald J. Trump was a pretty good boxer. I’m sure he made mistakes but learned a great deal about himself and others in the process.

In the business world Trump took risks that he hoped would pay off. Many did, while others did not and he had to pick himself up and try again. When it came to raising his kids in the business world he made sure they started at the bottom with a good teacher. He wanted his children to know the business from the ground up, as his father had taught him.

In politics what changed was not Trump’s business savvy, but he became keenly aware of the cutthroat nature of politics. As he sought the Oval Office he was set upon by all sort of political traps meant to sink his ship before it had even sailed. Trump resorted to the aggressive tactics of his boxing years by striking back hard and fast and pressing in for the kill shot.

After becoming elected as President of the United States his aggressiveness became a great asset. Trump said what he meant and meant what he said, but went even further to bring it into fruition. He really believed America had been short changed by our own politicians who then sold Americans a bill of goods that undercut the foreign affairs of our nation and jeopardized our national security. His vision was that America could become great once more and respected among the nations of the world.

Trump knew that immigration was important to national security and he urged Congress to take the steps necessary to correct flaws in US immigration laws.

Trump also knew that world leaders had to know that he wasn’t bluffing during his world tour as President. While leaders of other nations took notice of Trump’s leadership style abroad, American politicians in Congress made disparaging and disrespectful public statements to undermine the Trump presidency.

As a great show of disrespect, often crossing the lines of treason, elected officials conducted back-door talks telling enemy state representatives not to pay attention to Trump as he wouldn’t stay president for long. Then as if to emphasize their point Trump became the only president to be impeached twice over trumped up and baseless charges.

In spite of the obstacles thrown in his way, Trump negotiated the Abraham Accords peace agreement for Middle Eastern nations with Israel; moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem; conducted talks with North Korean and Russian presidents while battling for the political soul of America. On more than one occasion Trump said they’re not after me, but I’m standing in their way from getting to you – American citizens.

Even after the events of the election in November 2020, the inauguration of Biden the hounds of the Progressive Democratic Party continue to see Trump as a major threat for the presidential election of 2024. Trump is one last spark to be extinguished for the total transformation of America into a socialist democratic state. Freedom is not free, but an idea fought to retain by every patriotic American over the past 250+ years.

You say Trump is the aggressor, I say Trump has always acted aggressively to combat the politics that have ruined America’s system of politics and our election process. –


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