The J6 Feeding Frenzy


The J6 Feeding Frenzy

Where are the dissenting voices of reason? Have they already thrown in the towel? Maybe they’re just too afraid to stand up and be heard?

I’m not a legal beagle, a lawyer or a judge as are many elected officials in congress but I know that the Constitution of the United States of America very distinctly provided for the separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and the Judicial Branches of government specifically for such a time as this.

Are they so set on pinning wrong-doing on President Trump that the unconstitutional J6 Committee’s actions to prove their case in spite of their lack of a smoking gun?

Keep in mind when a legislative committee conducts its self as an arm of the Executive Branch to entrap the former president it has shown its true colors.

Out of the hours, days and weeks of wasted tax dollars and misappropriation of elected officials and their staffs what have they accomplished thus far?

Nothing other than demonstrate how little they know about our Constitution or their proper role in government.

The J6 Committee is not a court of law, yet they make it a point of trying President Trump in the court of public opinion.

Show me first of all what section in the Constitution gives them any judicial power – it does not!

What “evidence” have they uncovered that validates their bodies existence? Show me what Amendment gives them any credence?

They have gone after President Trump solely to prevent him from running for office again by citing the 14th Amendment.

Where are the legal experts among this body of Congress who will stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH already?

Are they so brazen to think WE THE PEOPLE are clueless to what’s going on?

President Trump had it right when he said they don’t want me, they want you but I’m standing in the way.

It’s time AMERICA to stand up to the progressive Democratic Party mob and vote every last one of them (and those weak-kneed Republicans who follow them like puppies) out of office.

In case you thought this was about Trump? Sorry but it wasn’t. In fact it’s about congressional malfeasance (again), an indictment against upstanding legal professionals and constitutionalists who haven’t the guts to stand up to the mob in congress. Nothing more, nothing less.-


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