Block Congressional Access to the Highest Office


Block Congressional Access to the Highest Office

Constitutionally congress punishes their own according writes the rules they write. That being said maybe congress needs to write a rule that “sitting members of congress are prohibited from running for the office of President of the United States.” That would stop all the craziness that happens every 4 years when a presidential election takes place. It would protect We the People from experiencing the fallacy of those who think that because they are in congress they are qualified to run for president.

Look at the current administration a president and a vice president who both came out of the US Senate with no idea how to administrate to duties to which they have been elected. Back in 2006 we had the same thing with a president and a vice president both coming out of the US Senate, neither had a clue about what to do for the best interests of We the People.

How many presidents in my lifetime have come out of congress?

(D) John F. Kennedy

(D) Lyndon B. Johnson

(R) Gerald Ford

(D) Barack Obama

(D) Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

If you look at the 2020 election debates a majority were sitting members of congress who thought they had what it took to beat President Donald J. Trump, but it took a concerted effort of dirty and shady dealings for the least likely to rise to the top and into office in 2021. The 2016 election cycle had an equally huge number of seated members of congress running to replace President Barack Obama and they had to beat both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Constitution provides that congress makes their own rules and create laws which then have to be signed into law by the President. It is unlikely that congress will self-police by enacting term limits to prevent career politicians a safe haven in DC, so it is equally unlikely they will even consider stopping the flood of presidential hopefuls UNLESS they resign their elected office upon submitting their candidacy for the top office of President of the United States.

It is a proven fact that although someone is qualified, not everyone SHOULD be president. –


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