Selective Enforcement of the Law


Selective Enforcement of the Law

What is the purpose of law? Is it not to maintain orderly control for the safety and security of the people? Who is ultimately responsible to maintain the law? Is it not ‘We the People’? How many government agencies are dedicated to law enforcement? Do these agencies communicate effectively within the law enforcement community? The foundational document which forms the basis of the law of the land is the Constitution of the United States and the foundational document of each state is a state constitution. Among and within the Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments) is the right to free speech, to own and bear arms, the freedom to worship God and the prohibition of quartering troops in our homes.

I don’t know why congress feels that existing government law enforcement agencies are unable or incapable of enforcing federal or state laws or why does they feel it is necessary to arm and hire 87,000 more IRS agents? What is their intended purpose in doing so unless it is to circumvent the constitutional rights of citizens? Why not simply use existing and available government assets by arming mail carriers who already come to our front doors? Would that not be too obvious or would they be afraid mostly tame pets might be harmed? –


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