The Law of Intent to Commit

The Law of Intent to Commit

Some folks online were discussing common law marriage and a law that doesn’t care about just living together to consummate the relationship, but it depends on the intentions of both parties or do they tell others they’re married?

Now think about that for a moment, then apply that train of thought to just about anything you can think of.

It would effectively cancel out the presumption of innocent until proven guilty guaranteed by the Constitution.

One would automatically be guilty if you walked into a bank with the intent to rob, regardless of whether you committed the robbery or not.

You would automatically be liable if you went to Micky Dee’s intending to buy a Big Micky sandwich meal it regardless of whether you actually ordered or bought one.

Under this “law” 2 people of the same gender who are roommates would be declared to be “gay”, regardless of whether they were or not.

Take immigration, a person wold be considered a citizen if they intended to become one before entering the country (legally or not).

Now if someone intended on voting conservative they would be considered a card carrying Republican even if they voted Democrat (or vise versa).

All those celebrities who said they intended to leave if Trump became president would under this law be considered GONE! Wouldn’t that be nice? –


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