Democrats Taking Stupid to a Whole Other Level


Democrats Take Stupid to a Whole Other Level

“So what do you think of Trump now?” Said a friend, implying about the classified documents Trump had at his house in Florida.

My response was that this is typical of the 2 phony impeachments while Trump was in office and the J6 incident. Democrats keep trying to threaten Trump with political shenanigans that have sunk a great many politicians in the past. When I told him this was all happening to get Trump to announce he would not run in 2024.

My friend said that Trump is not a politician but a businessman who has lied, cheated and stole to make his fortune in the business world. Trump would tell them he wouldn’t run, then break his word like he’s always done and run anyway.

He said all that and didn’t even break a sweat and his democratic-like attitude against Trump says a lot more about democrats like him in general than it does about Trump.

In fact it has been reported that if Trump announces he won’t run all these attacks would simply go away. And that is why democratic tactics don’t phase Trump or cause him to back down. When Trump responds he does it with style and doubles down.

What amazes me (not really) is that even after 20 months of the Biden presidency nobody talks about our tanked economy, the higher prices of gas and groceries (commodities), the influx of illegal immigrants due to Biden’s open border policy, the stopping or restricting of petroleum drilling and difficulty in transporting goods to the consumer while forcing the green-new-deal on an unwilling public without the infrastructure to support it. Nobody is talking about our woke ineffective military leadership adversely affecting our national defense while enemy states are emboldened by our weak-kneed president.

Back to this apparent breach of protocol and national security. As a retired military noncommissioned officer I take seriously the handling of classified documents.

I have serious questions about how this entire incident was and is being handled.

The sitting president has the authority to declassify documents and protocol dictates how it is to be done thereby always leaving a paper trail (a chain-of-custody). That being said, prior to President Trump vacating the White House on January 20th, 2021 who determined what was to be packed, transported as well as what and where boxes were to be stored? Obviously if formerly classified documents are involved there are specific protocols to be followed. What specific documents were involved? Were any of them from Hillary Clinton’s missing 34,000 emails or Barack Obama’s birth certificate or print outs from Hunter Biden’s laptop? I seriously doubt it!

Who “leaked” that classified documents had been moved to Florida? Supposedly it was someone close to the president, like maybe the person responsible for supervising, while insuring that certain “classified” documents were included?

Is it logical or feasible to assume that a 75 year old Donald Trump single-handedly gathered, packed and transported a truckload of classified documents under the watchful eyes of the secret service detail? Would they not feel compelled to participate in assisting the president?

It was the same thing when then President Clinton boarded those Epstein flights, did the secret service simply stand on the tarmac and wave goodbye as the plane departed? I doubt that!

So why did it take a televised convoy of FBI agents and swat teams to pick up an untold number of boxes of documents from Trumps residence in Florida? The military would call that a show of force. In democratic circles it’s laying all the cards on the table so the opponent knows he’s been had.

Democrats have been using those same tactics for the past 6 years, in storming the home of and arresting Roger Stone for his association with Donald Trump, and the little old grandmother who photographed herself at the Capital Building on January 6th, and a great many others have been hunted down, arrested, imprisoned, harassed and belittled simply for standing up as a MAGA supporter.

Remember when the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop incident came to light? A computer shop owner contacted the FBI and was ignored. He turned the laptop over to a third party who then took it to the FBI where it was ignored allegedly because Hunter’s dad was a political opponent of President Trump.

And even when the video surfaced of improprieties by then Vice President Biden blackmailing the Ukraine government to drop a national investigation (fire the prosecutor) in exchange for receiving military aide from the US, it too was buried by the press.

So here we are nearing the crossroads where a major political opponent of President Biden is considering a run to take back the White House in 2024 and the democrats are pulling out all the stops in the democratic political playbook in an effort to stop him.

My friend said, “Oh their going to get him this time!” inferring that all the other times didn’t work but this time it will. In my book democrats really are taking stupid to a whole other level! –


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