The Real Green in Greenhouse Gases


The Real Green in Greenhouse Gases

I came upon a Facebook posting concerning cows being the cause of greenhouse gas pollution. As expected the “Fact Checkers” confirmed that cows really were the problem. As with all the media attention citing the positives of AOC’s “Green New Deal” being promoted by the hierarchy of the Democratic Party and world experts like that girl in Europe who knows more, about what’s good for all of us, in her young life than Maw and Pa Kettle and the Clampets combined.

For years we’ve been sold a bill of goods on climate change such as global warming adversely effecting melting glaciers, and now greenhouse gases destroying the planet. We’ve been told to save the whales, wild birds and trees but are unable to save ourselves from ourselves.

It reminds me of the idea of recycling.

I remember loading up the old SUV with electronics and computer parts. After leaving only enough room to operate the vehicle safely I headed to the salvage yard expecting a huge payout. After unloading my vehicle, I left with probably $8 in cold hard cash, not worth the effort.

Separating items at home and taking them to a recycle center would be a good idea if the payout made it worthwhile. But getting a recycle container to put on the curb alongside your normal trash container actually costs you. Sure the recycled products are being repurposed or turned into products made from recycle waste, but at whose expense?

Until we as individuals get into the habit of picking up after ourselves and placing our trash in containers instead of throwing stuff out the window or dropping it on the ground for someone else to pick up, how are we helping or are we just contributing to the problem?

We accept failed ideas which cause massive restrictions being perpetuated on our society and massive financial gain by those at the top in which the real green goes all the way to the bank.

In every case, whether it is windmills, wind turbines, solar power in homes or businesses or the latest push for EV’s for government, industry and everyday family vehicles – somebody is ca$hing in, or rather catching a very big payday at our expen$e while placing the blaming cows – a most idiotic line of reasoning, or lack of an actual thought process. Again what is it going to cost us in the long run – everything? –


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