Right In Front of Your Eyes


Right In Front of Your Eyes

Lost in the midst of all the breaking news about Trump and the trouble he’s in are questions either ignored or not being asked at all. I spent a number of years in government (military) and there are procedures, rules and regulations for everything.

Nothing gets done until every eye is dotted and every tee has been crossed.

Do you thing for a New York minute that if Trump was the dictator the left claims he was would he have been able to circumvent all of those procedures, rules or regulations? Not hardly!

In fact there are some mighty high up government civilians who would see to it that especially Trump would have had to follow the procedures, rules and regulations.

The liberal left was emboldened after Twitter permanently banned the President of the United States and Facebook took to shadow banning his supporters with their “independent fact checkers” who slap you into FB Jail for violating their community standards (talking nicely about Trump).

Evidence that the real insurrection continues is seen in the J6 Committee still digging and now the Classified Documents hoax. Yes I said HOAX!

Before you talk classified and president in the same sentence you have to consider the context.

The premise that Trump had classified documents at his desk in Florida, boxes of more classified documents stored in the garage or wherever and the right saying Trump declassified them while he was in office but left no paper trail……sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Those same people may one day say that Trump failed to sign for his presidential lunch and/or McDonald’s hamburgers were consumed as a matter of kick-backs to POTUS.

Let’s get back on track. For those who say the president had to notify someone when he declassifies documents. He didn’t have to and the fact that he took possession of certain documents shows they were defacto declassified.

What most likely happened was each agency who’s documents were transferred to the president did document (log) the transfer at the time, but due to the biased political climate conveniently (misplaced those log files, next to Hillary’s emails). (No I won’t forget that although she wasn’t president, she had the knowledge as a former first lady and a former senator of what was legal and proper protocol, yet chose to ignore it).

So what agencies had released documents to then President Trump? If no release papers or transfer documents exist, how did those agencies lose their chain of custody? Heads should roll, employees fired, apprehended, tried, prosecuted and placed in prison.

When documents were removed from the White House, where is the inventory of the contents of each box?

When placed in storage, where is the inventory of what is in storage?

If there were classified documents being moved, then it stands to reason that every person on the moving team would have had to have a higher than top secret clearance to come in contact with a box containing such classified documents?

Enough of the logical thinking on my part it is common knowledge that people on the political left and political right do not think the same.

As Congress is the law making body of our government and mandated by the Constitution to make their own processes, procedures and rules it stands to reason if they change them at will, ignore them altogether or willingly violate the Constitution nothing will stop them from continuing down the path of least resistance.

As the Executive Branch is the head of our government the person of the President is in fact the body of the Executive Branch by his actions, the President can according to his will declassify ANY document and he doesn’t have to do it in writing. There are protocols in the White House as well as every government agency for documenting such action when it occurs, memorandums, notes, emails or letters and even presidential Executive Orders. It is a well-known fact that every card, letter, note, in person visit and/or transaction is permanently recorded, filed and maintained in White House records (Even that letter I sent to Obama).

So saying no records exist is a flat out lie.

This entire charade is to drum up hate, distrust, resistance and drive votes away from Trump should he announce he is going to run for office again. It is a tried and true democratic political tactic that causes politicians to run away in fear.

Might I refresh your memory – Trump isn’t a run of the mill politician, but a stand and deliver fighter who will not just hunker down hoping it will blow over. Trump will switch from defense to offense and go where politicians fear to tread – in the face of the adversary and he will persevere.

Let me be clear – saying Trump didn’t make mistakes is futile. However learning from his mistakes is what Trump does best. He may not always choose his friends, but he surely knows who his enemies are and keeps them at arms-length or closer. Trump was given a two-fold mandate to stop evil and fight political correctness and it is my belief that he will continue until he is successful. –


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