Followup on Trump and Classified Documents


Followup on Trump and Classified Documents

My remarks gave way to a heated discussion on what Trump did in removing classified documents without giving anything specific (for national security?) but to create confusion and add to the division of Americans against each other.

The question is did President Trump during his term take possession of classified documents that were stored at his estate in Mar largo, Florida? If the answer is YES, as the media wants us to believe, then the fact that he took possession of those documents did in fact declassify them under his authority as President of the United States. If the answer is NO, then how did they get there and under whose authority?

The next question is who selected those specific documents to be taken by President Trump? If the answer is, quite obviously it was Trump who ordered them to be selected, boxed and stored at a designated facility of his choosing, then what is the problem? Where is the documented list of requested documents signed by President Trump?

If the answer is, someone in his White House Staff compiled a list of documents, Trump signed off on it and they were packed up and moved. The next obvious question is who did it and on whose authority?

How did those documents in question get moved? If the answer is Trump did it, then how did he do it? Where were the Secret Service agents on the presidential detail? Did they stand by and watch? Did they actively participate in moving the documents?

Why over a year after he left office did it suddenly become “leaked” to the press and to the public that President Trump was in possession of classified documents, specific classified documents and where they were located? Keep in mind that at the time they were taken the sitting president by his very act of possession effected declassification of all those documents.

In fact every modern president prior to leaving office selects documents, books and items to be added to his presidential library once it has been completed. Not once have we had a president targeted by the government and the press concerning documents, classified or otherwise and why now?

Let me shed light on what I think is going on. First the actual, well documented insurrection to take down the duly elected president began on January 20, 2017 and is continuing today. No other president has been hated to the extent that merely mentioning his name TRUMP causes anger, frustration and fear that he could become a 2 term president, even after being investigated, impeached twice and still under investigation after investigation.

Congressional leaders in both the House and Senate have sought to prevent former President Trump from enjoying the benefits of a former president and are trying to block his path back into the White House in 2024. It’s not even about classified documents, it’s about creating even more division so Trump’s supporters and followers will abandon him and Trump will go down in defeat. I suspect congressional democrats fear that Trump has key information for his presidential library, like – Who really killed JFK, Obama’s real birth certificate and all 34,000 of Hillary’s lost emails? That shows you how little regard congress has for Trump or Americans who support Trump’s bid for a second election and this time as the 47th President of the United States. Smoke and Mirrors folks, Smoke and Mirrors – Don’t let the smoke get in your eyes! –


One thought on “Followup on Trump and Classified Documents

  1. Hello

    Many thanks for your post. The interesting thing is that at the same time they were trying to take down Trump, remainers were trying to take down the results of the Brexit referendum and make things as difficult as possible for the UK. They are still trying.

    I don’t know if you would be interested but I did this on Joe Biden’s ridiculous speech the other day.

    Kind regards.


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