Taking another Look at January 6th 2021


Taking another Look at January 6th 2021

As I suspected and written about Congressional Democrats using the tactics outlined in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals & Rules for Power in their active resistance to all things Trump it appears that I have been right all along.

The events of January 6th, 2021 as shown on news reports were a mixture of insurgents and MAGA supporters “storming” (and I use that term loosely) into the Capitol Building brought terror and anger to American’s throughout the nation and the world, followed up by slick editing of a false narrative that President Trump purposefully incited the violence.

He did not!

If you actually watched the Trump video of that day what he said was this, “we will walk to the Capital Building and let our legislatures hear our voices concerning the fraudulent election.” (Paraphrased by me)

I watched live footage of MAGA folks upon arriving at the Capital Building watched as capital police initially escorted Antifa members posing as MAGA supporters inside an upper entrance before giving them a briefing on allowable conduct while in the Capital. These people were apparently turned loose to do as they pleased for a period of time, where they took photos in the office of the Speaker, sitting behind her desk and may have even removed electronics and/or a laptop computer or more before creating mayhem WHILE CONGRESS WAS IN SESSION, actually going through the process of verifying Electoral College ballots. (This is supported by numerous cell phone videos). It was also reported that while they were walking from the Lincoln Memorial Antifa and BLM members were escorted to the capital building (I have seen several videos supporting that claim).

I watched when Capital Police waved to the MAGA crowd and ushered them inside a lower entrance where these Trump supporters walking inside the roped-off areas and began picking up trash from overturned trash receptacles and cleaning up someone else’s mess (clearly not the actions of a violent riotous mob as we’ve been led to believe).

The unfounded charge that it was an armed insurrection doesn’t hold water. The only weapons inside the capital were those in the hands of law enforcement, and the only weapon to be discharged was by a capital police lieutenant as he shot and killed a female MAGA supporter (retired military police officer – Ashley Babbitt) without provocation or cause.

There was an insurrectionist mob inside the capital building, but they were in fact congressional democrats and orchestrated actions by Antifa members posing as MAGA supporters.

Are you with me so far?

One report that I’ve seen details the actions during that event where legislators were escorted from the premises to a safe location by law enforcement (as per protocol). That same report claims that some of the Antifa members inside the capital building were in fact undercover law enforcement officers/operatives documenting the entire event for the DOJ or HLS.

Are you still with me?

I know you’re tired of reading my version of what I suspect happened, but prior to the presidential election of 2020 a damaging letter appeared to have come from the desk of Speaker Pelosi outlining precisely how democrats have been undermining President Trump during his presidency.

This letter alone confirmed my suspicions about Congressional Democrats and their Leader’s wrongdoing simply because they refuse to allow President Trump any victory until he leaves office.

If reading this letter doesn’t fill you with rage or anger about elected officials running a coup to remove the sitting President of the United States you might as well check yourself in to a mental ward until you come to your senses.

This letter contained 5 important points Democrats were supposed to follow in order to make Trump look bad and get him to resign from office (like they did to General Flynn)?

Have you forgotten how vigorously Trump nominees were met with disrespect, distrust, false accusations and even verbally disrespected by the “presumptive” vice president-elect Kamala Harris when she called Judge Amy Comey Barrett a LIAR during her confirmation hearings for SCOTUS nominee?


“SEAL of Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House

Dated August 27, 2020

Mr. Ted Wheeler

1221 SW 4th Ave


Portland, OR 97204

Dear Mr. Wheeler:

I have seen your response to the riots in your city and I am urging you to stick to the proven Democratic Play book.

I would like to review this with you now.

  1. Deny there is a Problem. (Press will support this)
  2. Refer to everything as peaceful and calm. (Press will help there also)
  3. When all hell breaks loose, go on camera and show your support for anybody breaking the law. (Press will praise you for this, you will be a new hero, trust me).
  4. When you can no longer keep any order “BLAME TRUMP!”

(I cannot over emphasize #4. This has worked ever-time we have used it and again the Press has told me they will support and fact check any claim we make!! THIS IS POLITICAL GOLD!!!)

  • Go on Television and Condemn TRUMP and refuse any assistance!

We CANNOT give TRUMP any victory before the election!!!!!

Best wishes,

Signed Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House


———— (Fact checkers want us to believe this letter is a fake, but if it is true……you be the judge).

I don’t know about you but the antics of congressional democrats make me sick. To have the most “powerful” woman in congress stoop so low while orchestrating and condoning the suffering of the citizens of Portland just to spite President Trump is a grave injustice and an insult to the intelligence of the American people.

Whether you hate or love Trump or my assessment of what has been happening, the consequences of this non-stop assault on the presidency by the legislative branch IS THE INSURRECTION.

The consequence of being taken for a ride leaves nobody to blame but yourself.

America is and has been under attack by a hostile press and social media that acts as if they are above the law. I will not stand back and bow to their tyrannical pressure. –


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