Identify the Target

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Identify the Target

A universality of Alinsky conflict tactics is to pick a target (an individual) instead of an institution or government agency and zero in on your target to carry out an attack on the target’s vulnerability. This will cause those who support the target will become visible very quickly, making themselves secondary targets of opportunity. An important part of choosing a target is making it a personification in order to stir up hostility against the target.

Alinsky taught that power goes to two poles: to those who’ve got money and those who’ve got people.

Born in 1909 Saul Alinsky was a community organizer and organizer trainer in Chicago. He was a champion of confrontational tactics. Alinsky wrote two books on tactics and a biography of Mineworker president John L. Lewis. Fred Ross, a student of Alinsky, was a major influence on Cesar Chavez, founder of the United Farm Workers union.

It’s interesting to note that Hillary interviewed and wrote about Alinsky in her college thesis, but Obama put Alinsky tactics to practical use as a community organizer and an organizer trainer in Chicago just like Alinsky.  Today we call it networking.

Former President Barack Obama and former Secretary Hillary Clinton having both studied Saul Alinsky extensively knew his tactics quite well. Yet as Obama prepared for a smooth transition into a Hillary Clinton presidency in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was not yet on anybody’s radar.

It was not until Trump announced his candidacy in 2015, went on to take the RNC presidential nomination and begin to seriously challenge (the darling of the Democratic Party) hopeful Hillary Clinton that the Alinsky tactics of personalizing the target went into action.

Politicians like to dig through the dirty laundry of other politicians in order to gain the upper hand while the objective is to sink their political ship before it even launches. The normal political tendency is to drop out of the race, bury one’s head in the sand, never to be seen or heard from again.

Almost immediately the released for prime time “leaked” audio of Trump’s talk on the bus about handling women”. Trump called it locker room talk and said it had been recorded without his knowledge or approval was quickly followed by the female escort who Trump was said to have paid off through his personal lawyer in order to keep her quiet, which Trump denied.

With Trump’s background as a rich playboy millionaire who had all the toys and women any man could desire it’s easy to dig up dirt, but because he didn’t back down, dirt just wasn’t enough.

There were further allegations of sexual misconduct, of lying, cheating and stealing to make a fortune at the expense of others while building his vast empire.

Without going into greater detail even after winning the 2016 presidential election and being inaugurated in 2017 the next four years of the Trump presidency consisted of numerous allegations, character assassination and both insurrectionist and seditious acts of obstruction, the Russian Collusion Hoax, actual and perceived threats of violence against President Trump, his family and those around him.

Representative Pelosi made good on her boasting to President Trump early on that she alone brought importance to their first official meeting. After becoming Speaker of the House a second time, she launched into Impeachment 1, Impeachment 2 and constituted a January 6th Committee that was to end up making it impossible for Trump to run for any political office (like the upcoming 2024 presidential election).

I venture to say never before in the history of our country has a nation been so divided over the analysis of every word out of the president’s mouth or on Twitter (before he was removed and banned from that social media platform).

I have written previous blogs about the Gaslighting of America (the use of misinformation) repeated over and over until it is impossible to remember whether an actual event had taken place or not and subsequently people become politically stupid – knowing and believing the truth but believing the lie.

Should American voters not awaken from their slumber they will be like the man who went to sleep and woke up dead! –


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