The Art of Political Division

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The Art of Political Division

Some people are very good at the art of politics which is nothing more than dividing people against each other. Throughout history humanity has in times of great distress a habit of calling out to God for a deliverer who will stand up against the evil one.

As it was in biblical times, so it is today. I remember as various politicians were elected into office the outrage was palatable. There were threats of leaving the country. Christians called out to God for miracle after miracle. Promises were made: “I’ll go to church more”, “I’ll be a better person” or whatever would trigger God to act.

I’ve news for any who made such ridiculous promises – God cannot be bribed!

The bible clearly states that often we have not because we ask not or we ask doubting that God has even heard us, and if God heard us we’re convinced he’s not going to answer or His answer will be NO, or lastly we ask for the wrong reasons.

During the Obama years as president many Christians were praying, begging God to spare America and send someone who could keep this nation from going under. Many prayed so hard, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Well God did hear their prayers and He sent someone to stand in the gap in answer to those prayers. God isn’t a man that He would waiver or change. God works through people who are obedient.

Where God guides He provides. He doesn’t necessarily make a way around trouble but heads straight into the middle of it and we know that God will never leave or forsake those He has called to do His will.

The prayer was for God to heal the division that has gripped our land. God had the solution before we knew there was a problem.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “and if My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

It seems that God had been preparing the hearts of men for such a time as this. In fact God called one man who said “Yes Lord, I am ready.” When this man heard that he would be coming up against evil he didn’t back down but became more determined. When this man heard he would be tackling the very spirit of political correctness he could have changed his mind. Yet this man was confident that this was a job he could do and do it well.

When Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President in 2015 the world was shocked. Not him Lord, he’s but a worldly man, a self-made man who has all the money, toys, power and women any man could dream of. Surely they would say he’s only in it for the publicity. Against all odds on inauguration day – January 20, 2017 it was President Donald J. Trump who was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States – and all hell broke loose. Figuratively and literally the powers of hell rose up in defiance of Almighty God and the man of His choosing.

You may scoff at my statement, or mock my reasoning, but in the end you must know it is true. How else can you explain the amount of resistance that began on election night, November 4th, 2016 when Trump became the President-Elect or on January 29, 2017 when it was official with the Electoral College confirmation? An ordinary man would have walked away.

The 4 years of the Trump presidency had many accomplishments, many worthy of recognition by a nation being changed from the inside out. There were life-changing, mind-boggling and unforeseen changes both at home and abroad. Americans were once again proud to be living in the greatest nation on earth with a booming economy. Militarily our national defense was ramping up to protect against foreign aggression. Our nation became energy independent for the first time in many, many years and the southern border wall was going up in spite of all the naysayers and it could only get better.

It seemed that the more God blessed our nation the forces of evil were exposed for what they really were and this man whom God had selected became the focal point of hostility of a magnitude never before seen in the history of our nation. Rather than getting behind what God was doing in answer to our prayers, many Christians embraced evil and joined in on condemning him.

I would much rather stand alone with God than in a crowd of idiots.

As we approach the upcoming midterm elections just the threat of another Trump presidency scares the “he-double-hockey-sticks” out of the liberal left and those who have bought into their lying propaganda – hook, line and sinker.

What should we have learned from Trump? That one man can make a difference.

With God all things are possible.

Paul said in Romans 8:31 “If God is for us, who can be against us?”

We often say that God is on our side and that’s just plain wrong. We should be asking ourselves are we on God’s side of every issue, decision or situation we face in life.

I have often said the safest place to be is in the perfect will of God for you or for me. When you are doing what God has called you to do, no one or anything can stop you so long as you keep your eyes on the one who called you. –


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