Politics Brings Out Political Bullies


Politics Brings Out Political Bullies

It is inevitable as we approach the election season that politicians are going to badmouth their political opponents in order to influence your vote. If the incumbent is vying for re-election they may have a ton of political baggage or skeletons in their closet that they don’t want exposed. When a newcomer runs for office their personal history, background or political affiliation may be used as a means of minimizing the attention on their opponent.

I recently saw where a prominent GOP representative from one state urged voters to avoid voting for GOP candidates in another state. That tells more about her (no name needed) than it does about any of the candidates running for office.

Every political party wants voters to think they are on YOUR side, but their legislative voting record and their actions tell a different story. It’s like their knee is on your neck – vote XYZ or else.

With legislators of today it’s best to follow the money. How many holding “public office” are financially richer today than when they first took office? How did that happen? I won’t say insider trading, but DAH! Since when has it become fashionable to choose politics with the express intent of holding public office indefinitely or making it a career?

Look around you and tell me have the politicians in your area, town or state made your life better? Are you better off now than you were last year, last election, last anything?  Are their actions and decisions made from a sound basis or do they just tickle your ears? Are they biblically based?

I my state one political ad attacked a candidate because of his stand on abortion, saying he’s not right for Colorado.  I say killing babies in the womb is not right period. Certainly not for the baby!

I say that unless a candidate is intent on changing the political party from within, the Democratic Party is not right for America. If a politician does not vote or have a legislative record that reflects the voice of his constituents he is not right for them either.

American’s don’t want or need a “yes man” politician who goes with the political flow. We need men and women of integrity, strength and determination to stop the craziness in politics and return our country to the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers and the Constitution based on those values. Make your vote count! Let your voice be heard! –


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