By the Dawnzearlylight


By the Dawnzearlylight

I have a problem with someone coming into my house stirring up trouble and causing widespread division. Only someone who has served in the military overseas can fully understand the importance of having a unifier, a tangible piece of America to remind us why we serve and for whom we serve.

It’s always encouraging to see the stars and bars waving in the wind or hanging on the flagpole when approaching a US embassy or military base. Francis Scott Keyes got it right when he penned the words of the Star Spangled Banner.

There is no black national anthem, no other symbol of America only the red, white and blue that fosters pride and patriotism or strikes fear in the hearts of our enemy. So before you get all riled up beyond reason, determine where your allegiance lies.

The law of the land was formed in the Constitution of the United States of America and based upon godly principles as written in the Bible. If that offends you then maybe, just maybe this land is not your land and like an animal that has lost its way by wandering off the range you should find your own way back. – rtm  

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