The Man the Myth


The Man and the Myth

I find it strange that during the administration of President Trump a great many “stories” (I use that term loosely) were “leaked” about the president being a loose cannon with anger that caused turmoil throughout the West Wing.

These “leaks” were almost daily occurrences.

Yet when I read the books of those who worked closest with and for Trump, I read of a completely different White House deeply committed to him. Did he get angry? With all the slanderous lies used to soil his name and his reputation I’m sure he probably got angry. Not once have I read where he lost his temper, blew up and curse someone out in private or in public, as some supposed. Each of Trumps former press secretaries mirror their fondness of working for Trump and tell of his kindness to everyone he came in contact with. Those who attended his rallies or watched from home saw Trump use comic relief as a means of venting, yet doing so in jest. He would attach monikers or nicknames as a bit of Trump humor whereas his detractors took them as personal insults.

These same people overlook their own insults hurled Trump’s way and feel it was and still is perfectly okay for death threats, insults and disrespect of former President Trump by those empowered by the actions and conduct of those in high ranking legislative leadership positions and the crowds they drew.

I remember while meeting with world leaders it was implied that Trump was going to start World War III or was in their “pocket” of because he had not been a political insider prior to being elected. According to them Trump knew nothing of world politics and they grossly underestimated him.

During the Trump administration:

  • China’s president arranged for theft charges against 3 California college basketball players to be dropped and allowed them to be released from their hotel so they could be flown back to the USA by the US State Department.
  • Kim Jong Il stopped firing missiles in the territorial waters off North Korea, South Korea and Japan while Trump was in office.
  • Russia’s leader Putin suspended his campaign of military aggression against Ukraine until after Trump left office.
  • Trump was instrumental in bringing forth the signing of the Abraham Accords to bring peace in the Middle East, between certain member states as it had never been done successfully in the past.
  • The worldwide outbreak of the Chinese Virus was met head on with the meshing together of government, private industry, medical and military to manufacture PPE, Vaccines and medical equipment that went to hospitals and facilities first in the US, and then across the globe. And to “prevent the spread” the US border was sealed off from foreign travelers of select areas around the world which were hit hardest with the virus.

Do you remember the deaths of former President George H. W. Bush, sitting Senator John McCain, sitting Representative Elijah Cummings, and sitting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – each body was placed in the Rotunda of the Capital Building and it was publicly made know that President Trump was not welcome to attend or even pay his respects.

I haven’t even touched on the Pelosi impeachments of President Trump, carried out on purely false information by congressional henchmen who decided Trump was guilty and sought out to prove it, regardless of facts or fiction.

The 2020 election was meant to be the last straw insuring that Trump would not be reelected, yet when he contested the election results, a “plan B” was put into effect and orchestrated to take place on January 6th, 2021. Need I say more?

The furor over “classified documents” held by Trump after he left office, pales in comparison to the misuse of sensitive and classified documents by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private server and the “cleaning” of 34,000 “lost” emails after she left office that called for no probe of potential national security violations.

Some allege that Trump divided America. I say the division in America came to a forefront in the form of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as American’s see it as their right to come out against Trump because of what they’ve been told.

Was Trump an angel, did he not make mistakes – c’mon man! He was human and prone to error, as we all are. By the same token Trump was not the devil either. Trump’s biggest fault, he loved America so much and felt somebody had to do something. He was somebody and he would not sit aside while politicians chiseled away at the foundation America was built on – A biblically based Constitution that everybody was created equal by God and the American Dream required blood, sweat and tears – and a lot of hard work. We can be better but we must do better.

The biggest fear of congressional democrats is that Trump will not only run, but win the presidency again.


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