Another Democratic Tactic


Another Democratic Tactic

Recently the hot news story of the day was the homeless man who entered the home of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco last month and attacked her 82 year old husband Paul with a hammer. It was around 2:30 am the morning of October 28th when SFPD officers arrived. Officers opened the door to see Mr. Pelosi and Mr. DePape jointly gripping a hammer. It was then that DePape wrestled the hammer away and cracked Mr. Pelosi on the head, causing a skull fracture and other injuries, the report said. Additional reports say DePape went from being an Obama supporter to a QAnon follower. While other reports were said that various conservative public figures made light (fun) of the attack.  Does that sound about right?

I’m reminded of the story that surfaced just prior to the inauguration of Barack Obama. It was reported that the Secret Service, FBI and Homeland Security were on heightened alert as they got word that an illegal alien from Somalia had entered the US, was in the vicinity of Minneapolis and had threatened to assassinate Obama during his inauguration. Those reports turned out to be nothing more than hype.

What about the 2018 mid-term reports of white powder being sent through the mail to various democratic politicians and the infamous van the FBI found out and the driver arrested soon after. Another scam……?

So back to the Pelosi scare, one report was that SFPD officers opened the door while another said Mr. Pelosi opened the door but did not communicate to law enforcement that he was in trouble or stress as he went back inside and wrestled with “homeless” man (DePape) until after being struck and then officers apprehended Mr. DePape. When will the body-cam footage of both officers be released publically?

These and more are the fear tactics used by various Democratic Party operatives to influence voters during elections across the country. The trouble is that people like you or I fall for these “hot button issues” like flies to a pile of kaka. So before you fall for another BREAKING NEWS story, maybe consider the source, the timing and what is about to happen politically before blindly believing what you read, hear or even see.

On the flip side last night former President Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidential race in 2024. He highlighted his accomplishments as president, contrasted the current administration’s failures and seemed extremely proud of the fact that out of the mid-term candidates he endorsed 232 actually won; while 22 that he endorsed lost. I’m sure the media will focus on the losses as a means to make people think that Trump’s base is waning. I hate to be the one to break it to you but we aren’t going anywhere!

It will be interesting to watch the campaign season unfold and I’d advise you to be prepared for more surprises in the democratic bag of tricks and dirty dealings! – RTM  

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