A Time for Unification


A Time for Unification

There is still a wide disconnect between (1) traditional republicans (DINOS), (2) republicans in name only (RHINOS) and (3) Trump republicans (MAGA). What they don’t know can and will hurt them. At times I listen to discussion of why republicans are so ineffective in politics and it boils down to organizational misgivings or PPP (pretty poor planning).

  • Traditional republicans rally around the party leader come hell or high water. It’s their choice, says the minority leader, they can have it if they want it. It’s sorta like hanging back on the Titanic until the lifeboats are all gone and then wondering what happened.
  • Republicans in name only are effectively wolves in sheep’s clothing siding with the other party so they don’t lose their hierarchical standing among their betters (not peers).
  • Trump republicans rally around the Constitution and the flag because it’s the right thing to do. They respond to a leader who believes that better days are ahead for our nation but it takes hard work to make that vision a reality.

When it comes to a presidential election not only do they meet the qualifications for the office of president, but are they physically and/or mentally capable of executing the office of the President of the United States?

Not everyone qualified is capable.

Not everyone who capable is qualified.

Americans want to know that they are more than just a number or a vote. They don’t want to be seen as marginalized or insignificant. They don’t want to be forced to cast their ballot for anyone. Voting is a choice; it’s a right, a responsibility of citizenship; and candidates are just people who are auditioning for a job called public service. It is not their right to be elected, re-elected or appointed to a position of public trust.

As I watch or listen to the candidates who have already begun campaigning instead of listening to bad mouthing other candidates, voters like me want to hear what these candidates can do for us now. Often they have a political track record (what they have done in the past) or they make campaign promises they are unable or unwilling to keep. Those coming out of the private sector may highlight their accomplishments, but can they make a difference now?

Democrats unite behind their candidate (even the terrible ones) look back at the 2005 DNC race!

In the 2016 RNC race Republicans couldn’t do even that! The one thing groups (1) & (2) don’t have can only be found in group (3) – someone with a vision for the future and the means to make it happen. Like him or hate him when he gets the GOP nomination get behind him 100% or get out of the way – your choice!  Since 2016 we’ve seen what Trump can do under tremendous opposition from traditional politicians; it is now time to see what Trump can do with their support.

(The opinion expressed in this and all Real Truckmaster posts are my own. – I am the Real Truckmaster and I approve of this message.

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