Honor and Defend


Honor and Defend

The oath of office is one that ensures public servants and members of the military understand clearly that defending the US Constitution is more than words. It is defending our rule of law and our way of life in America.

What I don’t understand is how anyone born in this country can willingly give away the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

Historically people from around the globe dream of coming to America where they assimilate into our society and look forward to living the American Dream.

How is it that suddenly under President Biden it is okay to simply come across the US southern border in vetted and unopposed?

Who is behind this push to abolish the greatest nation on earth in our lifetime by flooding the streets with the very people others are seeking refuge from?

How are this not called what it is – an invasion of our homeland?

How is it that our own government is not acting to protect the sovereignty and security of our nation by openly defying and circumventing our immigration laws or failing to deploy US military forces along the border to stop the flow of people, drugs or disease into our nation?

And how do these never ending flocks of people get into and through Central American and Mexico with impunity?

Why do Americans not rise up in righteous indignation at the lawlessness of our elected officials?

Is there no honor or national pride in being an American? Are we teaching our children to be cowards by OUR example?

Will we not stand on the side of right?

When did we stop believing in justice for all?

Are you an American or simply holding onto a political title of a democrat or republican willing to accept free stuff because you no longer care? – RTM

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