The Race for 2024


The Race for 2024

If life should is a marathon and politics ought to be run like a 40 kilometer foot race, then we must not forget what should be the main principle in basic accounting – “The one with the pencil wins” – Joe Wilson, Sr.

It is my contention that Congress has a moral responsibility to self-police elected officials who set their sights on the Oval Office by making a resolution, rule or amendment in both the House and the Senate that when declaring a run for President, there should also be a declaration to resign from elected office. It’s what I call an “All or Nothing” approach to campaigning with lose or win they go big or go home.

When Donald Trump ran he ultimately had to renounce his ownership and control over his corporation while no elected officials in Congress lost a thing to run for the presidency? Would that not be the sporting thing to do?

I continue to hear names, like this governor or that governor should run for the presidency in 2024. What we tend to forget is that there are 50 governors serving the people of their states and although they may be qualified, undoubtedly some do not have what it takes and should never attain the presidency. Look around and we see what happens when those who armchair quarterback the decision of a sitting president, but once they are catapulted into the White House, they fail miserably.

Remember when that non-starter (Trump) entered the presidential race back in 2015? Yeah there were a lot of naysayers poking fun at him because he wasn’t a “politician” in the normal sense of the word. He had no foreign policy experience, knew nothing of shaping the economy of our nation but surprised everyone by getting his party’s nomination and being elected by the people in 2016 in part because of their distrust of politicians in general.

The political whiplash began immediately on inauguration day 2017. Doing what they do best, career politicians cheat, lie or steal (whatever as necessary) to prevent the elected president to govern or guide the Executive Branch of government.

What they didn’t expect was that in spite of all the interference, Trump continued moving ahead with his campaign promises of draining the swamp and building the wall. His interaction with world leaders was met with jeers and taunts of being in the other guy’s pocket. What came across internationally was how childish and petty these “elected officials” were in the overall scheme of things.

The implied scandals of “Russian Collusion”; “The Dossier” followed by the Mueller Investigation; Impeachments I & II were all distractions meant not only to foil but to topple the presidency – I call that the real insurrection leading up to a mostly peaceful, yet failed coup that invoked or instigated the events of January 6th, 2020 while placing full blame on President Trump and his followers.

I don’t care if you like or dislike my comments and it is irrelevant whether you agree or disagree with me. What is relevant is the fact that the House’s J6 Committee investigation was simply another impeachment hearing, with all the pomp and circumstance without a formal Impeachment Vote count.

What is most relevant is what happened beginning November 5th, the irregularities of ballot stuffing, electronically vote switching and impeding the constitutional process of contesting the election results by the incumbent, among other things.

What we have in the aftermath is an economy in shambles, a breached border situation where upwards of 500,000 unvetted and undocumented illegal aliens are being brought into our country as a means of overwhelming our government’s ability to control immigration, disease, drugs or human trafficking.

Our military is being reduced to unacceptable troop strengths and those who remain in uniform are dealing with the “awoke” mentality of leaders who just don’t get it. None of this has been lost on our adversaries, who are standing back to see how long it will take for our nation to sustain or defend itself and its citizens. Whoever said “Evil triumphs because good men do nothing” must have been talking us, but evil fighting evil is still evil and will not stand. The evil we see rising up against our nation and its people can only be stopped by the hand of Almighty God.

When incompetence at the top trickles down into government agencies and offices, it is not only the people who suffer – “freedom” and “liberty-for-all” suffer as well.

It has been said that Trump cannot win.

Was that a statement of fact, a perception or a question?

It seems to me that is what they said the first time.

Out of 43,000,000,000 patriotic American voters is there nobody up to the challenge of joining Trump or running against him with the goal of making America better than ever before?  – RTM

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