Oh Ye of Little Faith


Oh Ye of Little Faith

I re-read the story of the pastor of a church in a small town who preached a sermon on “God Will Provide a Way” and all you need is faith. It’s about the levee breaking, flooding the town and washing everything away. Prior to the levee breaking there were warning signs and several opportunities for the pastor to escape which he declined while waiting for God to make a way and he drowned.

I’m reminded of the men of the bible whom God picked at specific times in history for His purposes to save mankind from themselves. In almost every case they were ordinary men (neighbor next door types) who were available and obedient to the call of God. They were not saints but worldly men and women that were called by God and their names were recorded in the bible as either an encouragement or a warning for us.

There are many like “the coat of many colors” Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers and used by God to save God’s chosen people during years of famine. Moses, born during troubling times, raised under the protection of the royal family and rose up to lead God’s people through the sea on dry ground. Noah, an old man building a boat in a place where there was no water. Ridiculed by everyone, yet Noah remained focused and obedient to the point of opening the door to the animals God brought forth and with only his immediate family in the Ark before God sealed the door and flooded the earth. Abraham, an old man with his elderly, barren wife Sarah and God promised to make him the father of many nations. Abraham had the faith to believe God.

Do you think that in our lifetime God could do or has done great things according to His purpose with men who are willing to step up when called?

Or do we hem haw and complain because it doesn’t fit our idea of how God works? Did God not create everything out of nothing by the power of His word?

The greatest man came to us as God in the flesh, a baby named Jesus, born in a manger to the virgin girl named Mary. Jesus was raised by his earthly father Joseph, according to Jewish tradition. Jesus taught in the synagogue as a child, lived a sinless life and laid down his life on the cross as a ransom for the sin of mankind. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Salvation comes only through His blood on the cross, to all who believe and accept this precious gift with the faith of a tiny mustard seed.

In a sinful fallen world God has not only provided a way of escape but a means of enduring in a world turned upside down. God has promised never to abandon us when times become hard. In fact it is during those difficult times God is closer than a brother, right beside us often carrying us when we feel we just can’t go on. No matter how far away from God you have become, he is always just one prayer away.

I pray that your Christmas begin with Jesus.

“This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” – RTM

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