Polarized a Nation in Crisis


Polarized a Nation in Crisis

How do you catch wild pigs? Experts say in places where pigs run wild one simply puts food (slop) in the middle of a field. Wild pigs will become attracted to the smell and come to investigate. Soon they will eat and return to this spot when they smell more food. Put up a fence on three sides of where the food is being dropped, leaving one side with an open gate. The wild pigs will naturally shy away from the strange fence, but curiosity will get the best of them as they sense the familiar smell of food and belly up to the bar (so to speak). A person hiding nearby with a rope tied to the gate can easily pull the gate shut, trapping the pigs inside. Putting down more food and soon the pigs are contently eating again.

When it comes to politics people are no different than wild pigs. Leak some tidbit of tabloid style information to gage and control the responses. Suppress differing viewpoints or opinions while flooding the media and social media with controlled disinformation. Repeat the process as often as necessary and many will have bought the entire bill of goods while you slam the door shut. Those who dissent or don’t buy into the lie become targets in their own right according to the teachings of Saul Alinsky.

The J6 Hearings are in my opinion much ado about nothing. Oh don’t get me wrong there was an assault launched inside the Capital Building on January 6th 2021, but it was a small “task force” (to use a military term) carefully planned to coincide with the MAGA rally planned and announced by President Trump during the presentation of the Electoral College votes to the joint session of Congress.

The J6 Task Force were insurgents entering the “Temple of Democracy” causing mayhem and disrupting the final phase of the election process while casting the blame on President Trump and the MAGA followers who were let inside by Capital Police officers.

The only casualty of J6 was the execution of retired USAF veteran Ashli Babbitt by a Capital Police officer. What happened next was a massive manhunt to apprehend and arrest virtually everyone identifiable as being in Washington DC on January 6th and holding them indefinitely and without charge or access to legal representation. (That is like after a bank robbery police track down everyone inside the bank during the robbery and charge them with participating in the robbery.) There should have been a thorough investigation and identification of the actual participants who caused the mayhem and vandalism and they should have been detained and charged with destruction of government property and/or assaulting law enforcement officers (if applicable), everyone else should never have been detained or arrested at all.

As I said earlier the J6 Hearings have been nothing more than public theatrics detracting from what I call “The Assault on the Presidency of Donald J. Trump” that began on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017, the day it was declared in the newspaper “The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump Begins Today”.

You might remember it as the day the “Pink Hat Ladies” flooded the Mall in DC calling for resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency. It is the same Mall that MAGA gathered on J6, 2021.

For the entire four years of Trump’s presidency we had nonstop resistance by sitting members of Congress, the main stream media and social media censorship, interrupted by Russian Collusion, migrant convoys, building the wall, the Chinese Virus and two impeachments of President Trump and so much more – all designed to polarize Americans into two very public camps – Trump or Anti-Trump.

This polarization of America shows we truly are a Nation in Crisis. – RTM

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