Of Great National Impertinence


Of Great National Impertinence

It’s a well-known fact that the Democratic Party’s biggest fear is not of a crashing economy, or the threat to world peace and surely not the invasion of our southern border, but the fear of former President Donald J. Trump winning the 2024 election for another term.

During previous elections it was precautionary to protect the birth certificate and educational records of then Senator Barrack H. Obama.

Just as it was convenient to downplay the fact that then Secretary Hillary R. Clinton used a private server to transmit sensitive documents potentially disclosing information of national importance, and she even lost 35,000 emails because she had her server wiped clean.

Don’t forget the Hunter Biden laptop, left at a local computer repair shop with damaging information implementing then former Vice President Joe Biden in a widespread financial scandal that compromised the office he once held and now jeopardizes the office of the President.

In each case it was deemed appropriate and proper protocol to not go after a political presidential candidate during the campaign season, until along came big bad “Orange man” Donald J. Trump. It then became a street brawl with no rules (for democrats). As the Saul Alinsky rulebook would clearly say, use their own rules against them because they can’t break their own rules. We have seen over the past 6 years New York’s Attorney General’s office has assumed wrongdoing on Trump’s part and set out to prove it, so much for innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This vendetta has become a case of great national impertinence where it has become fashionable, if not politically trendy to treat the former president with insolence, irrelevance, incivility and inappropriately because he is a self-made man who ventured into the political arena without permission and upset the democratic apple cart. – RTM

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