Holidays and Observances in the United States


Holidays and Observances in the United States

I remember when life was much simpler and we enjoyed what we had without fretting over what we didn’t have.

When it came to celebrating holidays we celebrated those which never changed – New Year’s Day (January 1st); Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12th); Valentine’s Day (February 14th); Washington’s Birthday (February 22nd); St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th); Easter Sunday (April 9th); Mother’s Day (May 14th); Armed Forces Day (May 20th); Memorial Day (May 29th); Father’s Day (June 18th); Independence Day (July 4th); Labor Day (September 4th); Columbus Day (October 9th); Halloween (October 31st); Veteran’s Day (November 11th); Thanksgiving (November 23rd); & Christmas (December 25th). Additionally each of the 50 states celebrated their statehood/independence day.

In the United States today we’ve forgotten our national identity and unifying factors and I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that you couldn’t accurately cite every holiday observed in some way shape or fashion in 2023.

Political Correctness has given birth to a myriad of holiday observances that do nothing to unite us as a nation but instead sew division. We’ve gone from celebrating very important landmark events that have brought our nation together, to the point of basically for lack of a better term “given everyone a holiday trophy”.

Examine this listing which is just one of many online websites dedicated to US Holidays:

Our national “leaders” or “thinkers” have decided that certain events/individuals are no longer worthy of our reverence, while countless others MUST be observed – like it or not.

If this doesn’t light your fire then for all practical purposes your fire has been extinguished or has simply gone out. The nation that doesn’t pull together – pulls apart.

The term holiday should be called Holy Day and reserved for celebrating Almighty God who alone deserves all glory and honor and praise. All others are meaningless dribble, chaff in the wind. – RTM

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