Under Cover Politics


Under Cover Politics

There is a movement underway to change the United States of America from a Constitutional-Republic to a Constitutional-Democracy. You might think it is semantics or a play on words. You’d be wrong. It actually changes our form of government from its original intent when our nation was formed, into what amounts to a democratic utopia. Is there a difference – yes and our founding fathers knew what they were doing.

The government we have today (2023) is not the way the founding fathers envisioned. In fact there is a provision in the U.S. Constitution for taking an out of control government, reforming it constitutionally, and basically starting over. It’s with a Convention of States, but is this the only way? I don’t think so.

We see our nation divided politically into two main camps Democrats and Republicans as well as a few Independents with Communists and Anarchists thrown in to boot. We identify more with political camps than being American citizens.

In recent years we have a Woke movement that wants Americans to stand down and identify as citizens of the world with no national pride allowed. Men and women of color are told to rise up and take their entitlements by force if necessary. They erroneously state that is how this nation started. White men and women are told to apologize for being white and told to sit down and shut up in public gatherings. Children are being taught that there are 52 or more flavors of sexual orientation to identify with, instead of the 2 genders that God created. We are all told there is not god, but we are all gods of our own making and bling is all that matters (money and power).

Our current legislature has many members who have actively advocated violence and are going after American citizens not because they have violated laws of the United States, but because they dare to believe differently and choose to support a president who was making America better. In their haste to rid this “evil” man, they devised a way to insure he would no longer remain in office and replace him with what amounts to the most unqualified and anti-American president in our nation’s history.

I’m sorry to see the political apparatus of America is broken. Elected officials have been engrossed in padding their financial coffers (getting rich) from there elected offices, fostering an invasion of our nation’s borders, dolling out “free money” to insure compliance to some very disastrous policies which adversely affect our nation’s security.

We must get back to following the Constitution of the United States of America not changing it. We must hold our elected officials accountable for their actions as our representatives and as our senators in Washington D.C. We must remove corrupt elected officials at the ballot boxes of America and bring them to justice.

Don’t be fooled. This nation was created so that man could worship Almighty God without government interference. Nothing, absolutely nothing has taken God by surprise. God is in control.

Jesus said the greatest commandment is that to love God and to love each other as we love ourselves. We are told as much as it depends on us we are to live in peace with all men. – RTM

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