American Political Roller Coaster


Americas Political Roller Coaster

Imagine, if you will, getting onboard a long established amusement park roller coaster. Your seat belt is securely fastened and the retaining bar is securely in place. As you look around it’s clear that every seat has been filled. A warning buzzer goes off. It’s beginning to move slowly at first, as you round the first curve and begin the initial climb and the ground is beginning to look smaller and farther below. Then the first drop, so quick but not totally unexpected and it creates a mild rush as the ground moves closer and closer. And then the long, steep climb to the top of this humongous ride as the roller coaster seems to almost be stopping, but then over the top. It begins to speed up, slowly at first until the last car has cleared the top, and then it accelerates to a breathtakingly fast rate of descent, barely making that wide turn and the starting point comes into view. Then the marker approaching the impending stop ahead and you know that unless someone applies the brakes the roller coaster will be hurled off the tracks. You look in horror to see there is nobody at the controls and the roller coaster continues up that first curve at a very high rate of speed.

That my friend is what has happened and is happening in America. We are hurling down the tracks of woke and political correctness over the past 2 years we’ve made that initial curve, climbed a number of hills and descended into many valleys and we’re headed straight into economic failure, but when you look at the political leadership coming from the White House and out of Congress it appears that nobody is in the control room or if in there somewhere they know not what to do.

We have mom and pop voters being fed misinformation that the GOP is bent on destroying our nation, while the DNC is actively destroying America from within while ignoring and/or circumventing the US Constitution (the rule of law in America) choosing which laws to obey, which ones to ignore and/or which laws apply only to GOP voters.

The world’s “super powers” have been making moves of aggression which threaten the entire global community and no free world nation in the international community has made a move to stand up in order to stop the aggression, while American politicians are solely focused on thumping Trump.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of reading, watching or listening to all of the fabricated drama being fed into the hearts and minds of weak minded Americans. We deserve better, America deserves better.

Since the civil war years there has been one political party that has been dead set against citizenship, voting rights, and equality. This party has fostered the likes of the KKK, rallied against minorities going to Congress, serving in combat during service in the armed forces. This party has fought tooth and nail for abortion rights (which threaten to severely limit or make extinct minority infants). Members of this party as elected officials have greatly enhanced their financial pocketbooks with funds exceeding the salary of a public servant. This party has organized voters, encouraged slander and character assassinations of prominent political figures, while taking aim at registered voters by enticing them with free money, housing, medical, education, food and even free cellphone service as a direct result of voting democrat. No other political party can match their egregious “Gaslighting” accomplishments on the field of politics. Democrats have arbitrarily conducted no-holds-barred politics as usual and given new meaning to political street fighting.

Our nation was founded on the premise that God created all men equal, free to worship God as they desire while being entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness “American” style. If you can’t or won’t buy into that very simple principle then I suggest to you that moving to another country might be in your best interests. – RTM

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