On Indicting Trump


On Indicting Trump

Shortly after Donald J. Trump announced his run for the presidency the allegations began flowing like water from a broken faucet. One such allegation was that from a hooker or call girl about an affair with Donald Trump some years earlier.

It was immediately denied by Trump, yet at some point one of his lawyers (Cohen) took out a personal loan to pay this hooker $160,000 to keep quiet. There are official documents stating that Cohen acted on his own accord, without the knowledge or permission of Trump. Cohen was never reimbursed or repaid by Trump, his campaign or administration.

When questioned about receiving hush money this hooker (Stormy Daniels) said she was not paid to keep quiet about the affair, because the affair never happened.

When questioned on Fox Trump said up to that point his lawyer Cohen had been a good lawyer, among the hundreds of lawyers employed by Trump. Why Cohen paid Stormy must have been to get in good with Trump.

It seems like such an open and shut case that never was.

I venture to say to the Manhattan DA (Bragg) that instead of indicting a presidential political contender preceding a presidential election, he might consider watching the television series Blue Blood paying close attention to how the DA’s office SHOULD BE CONDUCTING INVESTIGATIONS particularly of this magnitude.

It is my understanding that during Mr. Bragg’s campaign promises, one stood out – if elected he was going to get Donald J. Trump.

During a very recent televised news conference Bragg said that the DA’s office investigates on facts and hard evidence, both seem to be lacking in this case. Bragg said that it was Trump who set up the expectation of being arrested for publicity. Yet it was DA Bragg who opened up a Pandora’s box of publicity which might very well backfire and end his political career and future aspirations.

For the past 6+ years it has been obvious that a political target has been painted on Trump since his announcement in 2015. In every case charges or accusations and outright fabrication of lies have been hurled at Trump only to bounce off, leaving him unscathed. Yet the scars are real, impeached 2 times and exonerated.   

I agree with media talking heads that nothing has deterred Trump from moving forward with his goal of making America better than ever before. Critics keep harping on Trump is all about self, yet it is they who are all about their overall ratings and leveraging leaks and misinformation to the point that Americans are tired of it.

Lady Justice has been said to be blind, at least until hard core democratic politician’s pried open her blindfold and weaponized the Department of Justice and began threatening members of the Supreme Court of the United States. And now they are taking aim, once again at their chief political rival – it will not end well for them. – RTM

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