In Search of a Crime


In Search of a Crime

Why is it that in the land of the free and home of the brave where Americans have an expectation of being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law are we still allowing the elephant in the room to actively go after other Americans not for what they have done, but what someone accuses them of doing?

The current events of rehashing a non-existent scandal of democratic proportions comes across for what it really is, another attempt to prevent former President Trump from reclaiming the presidency. To put it in plain English – Trump Derangement Syndrome is fueling this quest of another “pin a crime on Trump”.

Just think two liars and having an elected official who is also a liar touting an extensive, fair and balanced investigation of the facts and evidence in question doesn’t make it right.

It doesn’t take a lawyer to see that the only crimes that were committed were that of a hooker who made false allegations and recanted them, a former lawyer who acted on his own and with his own money to pay hush money for something that didn’t happen and now the Manhattan DA who chose to act on a case that never was on a presidential candidate and former president to influence the 2024 presidential election.

Where is “Lady Justice” in all of this (Hiding under the Statue of Liberty)?

Whether you love him or hate him is irrelevant when it comes to innuendoes and accusations Donald J. Trump is not one to let free publicity go to waste. In fact Trump thrives on publicity (especially that which he doesn’t have to pay for).

People are creatures of habit and the Democratic Party has no lack of habit either. Ever since Trump upset the DNC applecart in the 2016 election the party has never really gotten started. Hillary had counted her chickens even before her eggs had hatched and ended up with egg in her face (figuratively speaking of course).

This sparked an outrage among democratic voters that has never been quenched. From instant and total hatred where democratic members of congress boycotted the inauguration and the pink hatted “ladies” demonstrated in The Mall, through the Russian Dossier Hoax, 2 Impeachments and a very real interfered with 2020 election sparking the events of J6 and beyond. If they can do it to him, think what they can do to you?

America is not be surprised, nor should you be. – RTM

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