Why Democracy Isn’t Right for America


Why Democracy Isn’t Right for America

Is it an oxymoron that the United States fights around the world to bring Democracy to third world nations threatened by power hungry dictators, but is unable to see how power hungry would be dictators are using Democracy to take over America?

As a nation we bring the full weight and assets of the government to bear on our nation’s enemies. Yet when those assets are being misused or misdirected by our own government officials we fail to see the relevance of targeting our own citizens for purely political purposes.

Since when is it okay to relentlessly go after a sitting or former president?

The Democratic Party has decided they are the government’s supreme national police organization with the power to control the national narrative agenda through intimidation, threats, by force or by any means necessary when it suits the DNC agenda.

There are at least 27 movies about “Gaslighting” – the psychological manipulation of a person’s mind that leads to an altered sense of reality.

America has been experiencing Democratic political and psychological Gaslighting over the past 7 years with a single word trigger “Trump”. (See how fast your mind went on a Trump spree?)

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s manifesto of how to take down a nation in his Rules for Radicals book. Select and isolate the target, attack the target (Trump) and his defenders (MAGA) will come out of the woodwork. They too become targets of opportunity (fair game).

When attacking the target(s) use the targets own words, failing that truth is irrelevant, saturating with accusations, conjecture or outright lies is okay.

Democrats are very good at community organizing, controlling the media and bombarding the public repeatedly with false misleading information to attack the target(s) credibility. The aim is to publically, politically and financially destroy the target. This will be a visual warning to prevent others from getting involved. Soon fiction becomes truth in this new reality.

Education is a tool that when controlled by the liberal left will enable even the most well-intentioned to be misled down the path to total destruction. They see a light at the end of the tunnel and not the train behind the light.

It is a stated goal to make the Constitution of the United States of America irrelevant. Since the Rule of Law in this country is based on the Constitution, it must be replaced by a new constitution. The Constitutional-Republic will then be dead and buried. In its place will be a new Constitutional-Democracy where power rises to the top and into the hands of the few.

I beseech everyone to pray to Almighty God to intervene in America. We must return to our nation’s roots. We must place our trust in God, not man. We must ask God to move on our behalf and for His glory. It’s not by might, or by power – but by the Spirit of Almighty God that this nation will be saved. = RTM

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