Ya Don’t Say


Ya Don’t Say

As fast as they put up those “First President in History to” break social norms; go where no other President has gone before; or simply refuse to act as any dignified politician would, former President Donald J. Trump is in the headlines for the Court of Public Opinion……again.

What is just as amazing there is no mention or credit given for signing into law permanent funding for minority colleges (B.O. didn’t do it); moving the US Embassy into Jerusalem (G.W. didn’t do it); putting nations sponsoring middle eastern terrorism on notice; enabling government and private industry to battle the Chinese Virus; arranging for the signing of the Abraham Accord; or giving an ultimatum to NATO state members to pay their fair share or a host of other accomplishments during his 4 years in office without keeping his presidential salary.

What Trump is remembered for is the only president to be impeached & found innocent twice (3rd if you count J6 committee) while battling a congress in full rebellion (resistance) and still moving his agenda of America First forward (building the wall & enlarging the Alaska Pipeline making the US self-sufficient and a major exporter of oil.

And there were the endless allegations of presidential wrongdoings in the form of sexual misconduct in his past, taking the presidency away from Hillary Clinton in 2016, and then the Russian Dossier hoax, being in Putin’s pocket or to not conceding the 2020 election like a good boy should.

HAPPENING NOW: While the nation is currently being besieged by illegal alien from around the globe at both our Southern and Northern borders in unprecedented numbers, the headlines and news footage is focused not on President Joe Biden’s endangering the national security of our nation, but on whether Trump gets indicted on that “Stormy” hush money payoff he never did, to shut up a hooker who said the sexual assault by Trump never happened.

Maybe it’s time to check which side of the political fence you’ve landed on?

National Security or Get Trump – RTM

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