On Illegal Immigration and DACA

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10-23-2012 (updated 01-12-2018)

On Illegal Immigration and DACA


I’ve heard about enough on illegal immigration. Illegal is illegal! Those folks who are here illegally should be deported, unless they commit a crime. They should be imprisoned and upon finishing their time, then deported. Those who don’t like it can go with them. There are provisions for immigrants to come into the US on a work permit, for a specific period of time. Those who want to live here apply for an immigrant visa and work toward obtaining their citizenship the same way so many before them have done.

There is no justification for crossing the border without papers. If they are being persecuted and under threat of death in the country they are from, there are provisions for being granted an emergency visa, and they work toward obtaining their citizenship. Those coming here must obey the laws of this country, just as we who travel abroad must obey the laws of the country we are traveling in. Failure to do so exacts consequences and those who pay the price must not belly ache over it. They brought it upon themselves.

Those who are born in the US of immigrant parents WITH PAPERS are US citizens by birth. Those who have no papers, have no US citizenship. They are citizens of the country their parents are from. How hard is that to understand?

The US government has an obligation and a responsibility to protect our borders. If that includes posting state National Guard troops along its borders to assist the border patrol in keeping our borders secure, let’s do it. It’s the right thing to do.

It is the responsibility of our neighboring countries to do the same for their borders. Unless we go to an Multilateral American Immigration and Transit System (MAIT) that would allow citizens of all American (North and South America) to travel within the American countries without visas, or unless the United States adopts a policy of allowing citizens of other countries to enter with valid photo ID’s or nationally issued identification cards from their respective countries, we have basically one other option.

We could simply annex Mexico as our 51st state. Maybe we could call it Old Mexico. The President would become Governor, and the Mexico Federalies would become the Old Mexico National Guard, and patrol the borders from Central American nations.

Granted that option would open the US up to charges of imperialistic behavior toward our neighboring countries. We would be charged with wanting to colonize other nations simply for their natural resources (How ludicrous). Next Canada would feel threatened, and so would the island nations of the Caribbean.

I suggest we close our borders, station armed National Guard troops along the borders of their state and foreign soil. Demand that the Mexican government do the same and we have a sort of De Militarized Zone (DMZ). Smugglers should be treated as pirates or terrorists, dealing in human trafficking and be severely dealt with, on the spot. Making it not so desirable to cross over illegally should be the universal goal.

There should be a LIMITED amnesty program where those with family members who are citizens would be eligible to stay and work toward their citizenship. Those who are trouble makers or law breakers would be disqualified for amnesty, and dealt with as such.

To me illegal immigration is not a “gray matter”, it’s purely black and white. Our politicians should start using that “gray matter” between their ears and get serious with immigration. We as US citizens should not want it any other way.

A Concerned Citizen – in 2018
By the way, why has Barack H. Obama not been indicted for 1 count on each DACA recipient who came into this country without documentation? His executive order was not constitutional and those who are “covered” by it are therefore not here constitutionally and are in fact illegal aliens.
The DACA program must be terminated and every offender must be returned to their country of origin, or out the nearest port of entry. – I am the Real Truckmaster

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