Trump Fall Out over DACA



 So what was a “private” white house meeting to discuss ending DACA between President Trump and select legislators turned into a true show of colors and the deliberate “leaking” of what the president said, or did he?


It seems that some senators feel that it adds to their credibility to either leak lies or push a false narrative? It seems like Senator’s Graham and Durbin went into the meeting with the specific purpose of pitching their preferred version of a DACA continuation bill which they should have been smart enough to know would not fly with the president. Failing to win him over and being put on the spot by his specific questions of which they had no answers, simply deflected public perception of what happened in the meeting by releasing a totally false version of what the president said.


That being said none of the other senators and staffers present in the meeting have come out and confirmed the wording leaked was in fact truthfully stated.


So who said what, and why was it leaked when the meeting was clearly a private one with a specific agenda by the president AND by those two senators?


President Trump had already stated that he would only sign a bill continuing DACA providing funding for the border wall was part of the deal. The senators were in it to push forward their bill without any funding for the border wall. Clearly they were not going to fare well in the outcome.


So the “narrative” was leaked to the media and was promptly aired in an attempt to derail the president’s agenda and to draw public outrage of what the president had supposedly said.


The president has repeatedly stated that immigration must be with those who will add to the fabric of this nation, and not become an immediate burden to society, but criminal elements should not apply.


DACA is a program that was not implemented in accordance with the constitutional powers of President Barack Obama. Even if the goal had been honorable, the Executive Order was unlawful. What ended up happening was parents were encouraged to send or bring their children into the USA without documentation and ultimately the parents were able to obtain temporary legal status as a result. So it’s hard to hold the children liable for the actions of the parents, but probably the only reasonable way is to handle each of those cases individually, while initiating deportation procedures for every DACA recipient if it has not been renewed prior to the natural end of the program.


Back in September 2017 the president challenged legislators to correct the problem with a proper bill that included funding for the border wall and he would sign it. So it seems odd that it is now the middle of January 2018 and congress still has not made any significant progress? But would rather deflect through smoke and mirrors with a series of “stunts” solely aimed at discrediting the president instead of solving the problem that THEY ALLOWED President Obama to create without any resistance from a democratically controlled congress, just as they did with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).


I think the time is now to stop the feigned sense of horror over every action or choice of words from President Trump, when their own actions and their own words cross over the line of subversion and treason as they betray the very voters who sent them to congress.


It’s time for more of the legislative swamp creatures and liberal troublemakers end their self-induced power hungry reign and return to the states from whence they came, as real citizen public servants take the mantle from them.


Every legislator who has been in congress prior to the entrance of Barack Obama on the political scene should be ashamed of themselves if they have not accomplished what “We the People” have sent them to Washington to do! – I am the Real Truckmaster

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