The Meeting



Did you wonder about that infamous meeting the president had in the Oval Office with various members of congress on 9 January 2018? Well I wondered about it, so when I found the video it was interesting to say the least, and that was before the president had reporters leave the room so they could get down to the business of negotiating.

What was reported to have been said by the president must have happened after reporters had left the room? As I listened to the various people speaking I couldn’t help but notice many of the members of congress present (I haven’t seen a list of names, but I’m sure it’s there).

The president told the four things he wanted done which he told congress on December 5th , it was pretty clear and straight forward:

  1. Secure our border (Fund the Wall, Close Enforcement loopholes, equip ICE and border patrol agents with what they need to do their jobs)
  2. Fund our Military
  3. End chain migration
  4. Cancel (VISA) lottery program

DACA (deal with it separately and fix the DACA correctly by 5 March).

Comprehensive Merit Based Immigration Reform that addresses Sanctuary Cities

The president said that congresses present methods of “working together” feed hate and do not lend to the same progress that came from the old system of “Earmarks”. Maybe they should consider going back to a form of “earmarks” system?

What will the president sign into law?

Phase I – DACA and Border Security (Wall, Close Loopholes) & Funding our Military is very important.

Phase II – Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It was brought up that a path to citizenship as an incentive to doing a good job is needed for those DACA “Dreamers” who are in our military, or currently enrolled in medical schools or working to become scientists, and those who are productive members assimilating into our society. This is taking care of DACA kids who were brought here by their parents without documentation.

Also it was mentioned that according to the latest DEA Reports – More drugs come thru ports of entry than between ports of entry, so the wall won’t stop the flow of drugs unless changes are made at the ports of entry.

The president stressed the fact that it will not be a solid wall across the southern border, but will be reinforced where needed, new construction where there is no wall and natural barriers will aid in deterring unlawful crossings without restricting the movement of natural wildlife.

The meeting seemed to be going well, with a few dissenters like Senator Chuck Schumer voicing what he won’t go along with or what HE wants.

The president repeatedly told them work out a deal and he would sign it. He also said he would take the heat from both sides, since that seems to be the current pattern.

President Trump said to take political division out of this process, meet together (both parties) of each legislative body and bring him a bill AND HE WOULD SIGN IT!

So it was a real stretch for Senator Pelosi to hold a news conference and announce to the world that “We don’t know what the president will sign!”

I purposefully did not watch any of the televised antics leading up to the “Schumer Shutdown” which unnecessarily shut down our government.

I was glad a deal was reached that was signed by President Trump to reopen government. Now if congress would just work together for the good of the American people, actually in the interests of the citizens of the United States, then it would benefit everyone, including the residents who live here.

I heard members of congress repeatedly say these undocumented aliens are Americans, they just don’t have papers to prove it.

That statement is kind of true and kind of not true at the same time. Technically ALL citizens of the Americas, North, Central and South America ARE Americans and their “papers” originate from their home countries.

Their home countries are where they should start the process of entering this country legally. For those who are here illegally, what have they done while in this country to rectify their immigration status? Have they worked hard to become citizens of the USA, as some have already done? Are they business owners, working within the laws of this nation? Or are they simply getting by, hoping that ICE doesn’t come knocking on their doors?

There are provisions in our immigration laws for many situations to be corrected, and comprehensive, merit based immigration reform is the next logical step to securing our borders and making America safe again.

There are many good Representatives (of the people) and Senators (from the states) who have committed themselves to making a better nation for everyone. But what I see are a few who have been in “public service” (I use the term loosely) way too long, have been given power that they are refusing to give up, so they are simply exercising a “Schumer-Bully” policy within both legislative bodies.

It is time for “Comprehensive Legislative Reform” that removes partisan politics and returns good common sense in ALL decisions of legislature.

Someone recently commented that certain people were hated because they were Democrats or because they were Republicans. That is simply not true (well there are those who hate because they have no peace in their own lives).

There are public figures that made bad decisions BEFORE they went into politics. It is those individuals who make bad politicians and continue to make bad decisions and have not been held accountable either by the citizens of this nation, or by the government they swore to uphold, even at the cost of human lives.

Accountability in Government has long been overdue. It’s time to “cowboy up” to what we do, what we say and take responsibility for our own actions, both as citizens and as public figures.

Remember, nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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