Why I Don’t Watch CNN or MSM

Finger pointing


Why I don’t watch CNN or Main Stream Media


Remember the Iraqi Invasion CNN debacle with reporters on the beach filming and reporting in real time the “secret” invasion location by US forces? Need I say more?

There is a lot of ground to cover from the Halls of Congress to the Shores of California, so let’s get started!

Today it’s become fashionable to trash President Trump AND America on the airwaves, in the media and across the internet. Fashionable but not cool.

With the latest mantra of the liberal left in congress, saying if Trump fires Mueller he’s going to be impeached. Well is it for high crimes and misdemeanor? If not, what?

Since we have a special prosecutor who is and has been investigating the manufactured non-story of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, maybe it’s time to end the “investigation”? If that’s the case how do you end it? Did the DOJ not initiate the investigation and appoint the special counsel? Can the DOJ not simply end it by un-appointing the special counsel and dismantling the “team”? Can that order not simply come from the Attorney General who can decide on his own that it’s time? Yes the AG works for the pleasure of the President of the United States who appointed him to uphold the laws of this country. The President can fire any of his appointees, at his pleasure and without cause, should he so choose to do so.

Too bad the president can’t fire some liberal left leaning democrats AND republicans for obstructing the office of the president? The voters certainly can, at the poles!

Maybe now is the time to stop the finger pointing and remember one finger points at someone else, while the other 3 point back at you!

CNN reported that the president tried firing Mueller; the president said he did not. My money is on President Donald J. Trump, his track record in office is so much better than even the worst liberal left leaning politician. In fact it’s so much better than his predecessor over the past 8 years.

So what to do, well the rumor mill is churning once again in an attempt to divide the president’s cabinet, his white house staff and the American public over anything and everything.

The president is upset with his chief of staff General Kelley – Not True!

The president said Mexico will pay for the wall, now they won’t – Not True!

The president is for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens – (10-12 years) True!

  • I personally think that a path to citizenship COULD be granted for illegal aliens who serve honorably for 3 years in the armed forces of the United States.

The president is mentally unstable because he tweets ALL THE TIME – Not True Either! In fact many liberal left leaning members of congress have and are demonstrating their lack of mental fitness every time they step in front of a microphone and OPEN THEIR MOUTH!

Currently there are members of congress who have decided to boycott the State of the Union address by the President. That is their right, right? Then to publically give their own “state of the union” simply shows their own “state of mind” is not right!

So it’s either lock-stepping behind the minority leader as his minions or goose-stepping out on their own seeking their own 15 minutes of fame. Not once have they stood fast for what is good for the American voters who elected them in the first place.

In my opinion, they should stop bad mouthing President Trump and look at the good that is happening in America, then fall in line with what is best for the American people.

DACA was a bad idea at its inception and was never blocked or even opposed when it was unlawfully signed by President Obama. (That is the fault of congress for not even putting up a defense against it!)

Nobody brought it before the 9th Circuit Court to have one of their own left leaning judges block it as being unconstitutional – Which it was!

Oh before I forget, businesses are benefiting from the new tax system going into effect. YEAH! Employees of some companies could get checks for over $7,000 from their employers. More YEAH!

The government of the independently thinking California want to take that money (part or all), and put it into the treasury of mismanagement? That is not only a bad idea, but by design it will encourage corporations and businesses (large and small) to move their entire operations out of California. Way to go California! One big Misstep for Mankind!

It gets even worse as California wants to fire, fine ($1,000) or jail time for waiters who offer (unsolicited) plastic drinking straws to patrons? Talk about STUPID! (There I said it – STUPID). Is there no common sense in California’s elected government officials? Do they not know how far off they are from anything resembling normal?

If you live in California, watch out for the next absurd or unconventional method of gaining revenue by a state that prides itself on rebelling against humanity and the Trump administration, but will do anything to keep lawbreakers out of jail, while jailing hard working Americans and American companies!

Yeah and didn’t California just legalize Marijuana? (Wait until someone tries to smoke a joint from a plastic straw and the Chinese manufacturer of the straw is facing a class action law suit over it?)

Wasn’t John Wayne once quoted as having said, “Life is Hard; But harder if you’re STUPID”?

Come on Governor Jerry Brown – “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL OF STUPID”! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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