America’s First Undocumented President – Questions Unanswered?


7 February 2018
America’s First Undocumented President – Questions Unanswered?

It has been said that my anger is projected thru my writings. I don’t deny that has been the case, but I’m working to overcome that.

From the title of this writing as it pertains to the citizenship status of one Barack Hussain Obama aka Berry Soetoro one may assume that I’m a “Birther” and it is my contention that #44 became America’s first “Undocumented” president. I use the term coined and used throughout the 8 years of the Obama Administration.

However to understand my point of view, one must answer questions, like these I poise here:

  • When was it necessary to seal documents, transcripts and birth records of someone becoming an Illinois state senator?
  • What was the justification?
  • Who made that determination?
  • How was eligibility to hold public office verified in accordance with the Constitution of the United States?
  • Was it pre-determined that BHO would rise to become a U.S. Senator for Illinois
  • Maybe it was when BHO decided to go against political opponent and party favorite HRC and “secure” the DNC nomination?
  • The only other explanation is that BHO aka BS was in the DOJ witness protection program?
  • Why?

There has been this shroud of secrecy about the entire private life of this American president, and unlike others who have just bought into the manufactured story fed to the press, I wrote to the newly elected president asking him to put this matter to rest by producing his birth certificate, thus ending the speculation and theories.

I received one of those infamous form letters from a WH staffer stating that my comments were important, and outlining that changes were going to be made. There was nothing at all about the different things I pointed out in my letter and I almost threw it away.

There are still those unanswered questions from early 2009 that have never been addressed and have never gone away.

Like other Americans I watched as our constitution seemed to be shredded and disregarded like a piece of used toilet paper.

I took my turn bashing and calling out BHO for 8 long years for the actions he began taking and the transparency in government never materialized.

  • It didn’t take long after the election to bring his rival under him as he nominated HRC for Secretary of State, and how many objected to their colleague’s appointment?
  • I watched as Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac enabled people who could not afford the costs of buying a home, became enslaved to the government and in many cases ultimately lost those homes to foreclosure.
  • I saw the Cash for Clunkers try to get people to give up their family vehicles and purchase newer so called energy efficient ones, placing those individuals in debt to the government program which was billed as a way out.
  • Who can ever forget the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with a congress so bent on passing that piece of legislation without even reading the thousands of pages of it.
  • Then there were the guns for drugs with the Mexican cartels that ended up being used against our own border patrol agents.
  • Let’s move to the missiles for Syrian rebels program that led up to the deaths (murder) of Americans at Benghazi in 2012. Not only was there no accountability, there were only excuses and the blame game continues even today in 2018.
  • That brings us to DACA an executive order that was not implemented constitutionally, but allowed an untold number of foreign immigrants (called children) being freely admitted into this country, given free reign and free stuff at the expense of American citizens (nothing is really free).
    • Where was the outrage in Congress over DACA?
    • Where was the outrage over a president circumventing Congressional authority?

It’s hard to believe that we had a president (Truman) who placed a sign on his desk that said, “The Buck Stops Here”, and for 8 years we had a president who opened the WH to his Muslim “brothers” many of whom he appointed as “czars” and so doing circumvented Congress once again.

Had there been proper oversight by Congress mandating accountability of then President Obama, many of these things might not have come about in the first place?
With an undocumented president catering to undocumented and illegal aliens while circling the globe apologizing for America’s “sins” America could have been a better place to live.

We who lived thru the Obama years did not resort to mass demonstrations, rioting and murder of law enforcement or our neighbors. We did not resort to “taking matters into our own hands” as many have done in the name of political correctness or this insane level of stupid.

Nobody is above the laws of this land, and the conduct of those who “protest” are simply the whining’s of spoiled generations of #Me2 #TheEntitledGeneration.

Teach your children respect, train them up using the 10 Commandments from the God who created us. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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