I’m Tired of Hearing that Nobody Likes Me



I’m Tired of Hearing that Nobody Likes Me – HRC

Is it me or can anyone else see thru this self-imposed pity party brought on by Hillary Clinton in her latest book, “Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling?”

How many books is Hillary going to write before she admits that her failure was her only option? It appears that her book describes the groups of people who caused her not to win: Republican supporters who didn’t like her and would always vote along party lines; those who felt nobody cares about them; and the “deplorables” who are racist against everybody.

Also in the book she was concerned by Jeb Bush and felt Trump was not even a threat. That seems to be one of her biggest mistakes, underestimating her competition. Another huge mistake was worrying that “nobody likes me”.

Hillary Clinton was not prepared for the campaign or for the presidency because she had done everything in her power to rig the election to the extent that even those in her own party platform would lose in such a way as she would be the winner.

There is still the unanswered question of “What Happened?”

Hillary seems to be staying up late at night, staring into the mirror and looking past herself still looking for answers as to why she isn’t in the Oval Office. There is a biblical saying that those who are given much come much responsibility.

How can someone who as secretary of state has demonstrated by her handling of the Benghazi Embassy massacre on 9/11/2012 even consider running for the highest office of the land? It seems to me that all that running around the globe, giving away uranium one to our staunchest enemy – Russia may have cause too much oxygen to get into her blood stream.

Think what would be happening today had Hillary won the election? Putin could have been sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office while POTUS occupied a closet space out near the east lawn and all the snowflakes would still be in their own closets having not been outed yet. America would have continued in a downward spiral, headed for rock bottom (and Trump would still have gotten the blame)! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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