Sexual Scandals during the Trump Administration

Sex Sells


Sexual Scandals during the Trump Administration

Maybe it’s me or can someone figure out how an individual can receive say $50,000 to lodge publicly an accusation of sexual misconduct against someone and without any prior proof of establishing the validity or truthfulness of such an accusation?

I mean in the case of Roy Moore a Republican President Trump supported in his run for office. Judge Roy Moore was derailed by someone who fabricated, even misrepresented as fact allegations of unwanted sexual contact some 30+ years prior. Judge Moore had been previously been elected or appointed to public service in Alabama, without raising anyone’s ire until such time as the President campaigned for him. Where was his accuser all this time?

A number of Democrats and Republicans who have left congress during the past 2 years after being outed for sexual impropriety, because they admitted their guilt and were pressured out by their fellow members of congress.

It must be tiring for the individual(s) who go out there looking for the perfect patsy “Stormy Daniels” to bring fake and unproven accusations of some 10 years or more against the sitting President?

Call me old fashioned but falsely reporting a crime isn’t that a crime in itself? If someone conspires with others to fake a crime and money exchanges hands, are they not just as culpable?

It’s time that the D.O.J. puts its big boy pants on and begins to prosecute these false accusers and their paid benefactors and if the media is complicit, they too should be held accountable.

For those wanting to measure Donald Trump against his past, what if you too were held to the same standard. How much “locker room talk” have YOU engages in while in high school or college? What about the talk around the “water cooler”?

In World War II there was a saying that “loose lips, sink ships”.

The Bible says that words are living, bringing life or death and that we will each be judged with OUR words.

This battle we are in is not a Democrat or Republican, not even an American one. It is a battle for the very souls of mankind. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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