Lies and Liars

There is an old say about when to tell a lawyer is lying – when he opens his mouth! Well the same is said about politicians. In order to get elected politicians make all sorts of promises. It’s a given that they have no intention of keeping them. Not even the one “I’ll work for YOU!”

That infamous former congressman from Minnesota Al Franken once wrote a book, “Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them”, which in my opinion covers lawyers and politicians.

Think about this during the 2008 and 2012 elections we heard one overwhelmingly clear promise from Barack Obama to bring change. Well that is probably the only promise he actually intended to keep. In fact Michelle Obama said her husband was going to bring change like never before.

One of the major ones we’ve been dealing with is the Affordable Care Act, which resoundingly passed thru congress (a large part was calling special sessions and locking out the Republican members of congress when time to vote). It passed almost before the ink dried.

What I recently learned was that this is basically the same bill that would have been called the Clinton Healthcare, had it not died in congress during Bill Clinton’s administration. So probably resurrecting this failed bill, tweaking it so as to take full advantage of the American people it is now commonly referred to as Obamacare.

Now during the Trump administration a spot light is being shown on Barack Obama’s dealings with Iran and other sensitive matters and what we are finding out is that Obama’s entire administration has been a lie from the start. Coming to light are matters of national security, circumventing the Constitutions checks and balances by with the phone, the pen and through the use of executive orders.

Yet what the liberals are screaming about is “Trump Lied” when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall, “Impeach 45”. (It’s not over until the mildly chubby female sings.)

In the first 500+ days of the Trump presidency there have been at least 60 campaign promises that have been kept, and the president is still going – longer than that drum beating bunny of TV commercials.

Although they are too many to list here I would like to say something about a few of those promises kept.

The first one that comes to mind is JOBS. The president has made it encouraging for business to refrain from moving their factories off shore. The result has been unprecedented job growth nationwide, with the possible exception of California (currently experiencing fits of liberal mania).

Another is National Security (including the wall) which has been changing the way immigration is being handled. Illegal immigration figures are down and the wall has been going up. Enforcing immigration laws and increased vetting to insure that immigrants coming into our country are coming as contributors wanting to raise their families in a safe and free environment.

Lastly breaking away from his predecessors, President Trump has taken to Twitter as his way of communicating directly with the American people as well as with world leaders. We still have press releases and the White House Press Secretary briefing reporters on upcoming and current events, but rather than rely on fake news reporting, the president gets his message out to the people directly.

Whether you love him or hate him President Donald J. Trump is not a politician’s president. He doesn’t think, act or conduct himself as a politician. He is a very successful businessman and knows what it takes to succeed and expects those around him to be successful. Staying focused is one of his strengths, even in the face of extreme opposition. His singular all time goal has been in changing the culture of America from a “me, me, me” to a “we, we, we can do” culture of success. Don’t tell Donald Trump that he can’t do something unless you want him to show you how to do it successfully.

In a perfect world the democrats and republicans in congress would be supporting this president’s agenda of fixing what has been historically wrong in America. But alas we are not in a perfect world and most politicians are lawyers. You know how to tell when a lawyer is lying? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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