On Trump Tariffs


On Trump Tariffs

I never claimed to be knowledgeable on tariffs and that may be why I’m not a financial wizard. It has been reported by the CNN (Fake News) and others that a “private phone call” on May 25th between President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became heated while discussing tariffs. I’m not so much concerned by the phone call as I am by the fact that CNN cited “sources familiar with the discussion” told CNN.

What is a tariff and how does it work? A tariff is basically a tax on products imported or exported between two countries. If Country A makes a product that costs $10 and ships that product to Country B, a 20% tariff would make that product cost $12 in Country B. So now Country B makes a product that costs $10 and ships it to Country A and adds a 20% tariff, that product would now cost $12 in Country A.

What President Trump is demanding from other countries that through the use of tariffs if a country does business (import/export) with the US, the prices be fair and balanced?  In many cases that has NEVER happened across the board between the US and other countries. American politicians who have been president have not utilized tariffs or strategies to leverage a fair and balanced trade balance, leaving America on the sort end time and again.

I personally don’t think tariffs are what will hurt America as much as what is going on with Americans betraying the trust of their employer (in this case the President) in an attempt to embarrass or hurt politically the President of the United States. In any case they are misjudging Donald J. Trump and his resolve in making America great again.

The incident with the phone call tells me is that as of May 25th the White House still had a “spy” if you will, a “leaker” who decided it was time to release details of the phone call, that’s the sad part. Americans serving in the White House staff and cabinet do so at the pleasure of the President of the United States. Anybody who’s watched TV’s “The West Wing” with Martin Sheen can tell you that. So why would someone in a trusted position in the White House betray that trust?

I don’t think anyone takes President Trump seriously even into his second year as President. While politicians say things and do entirely different and many times go back on their word as if they had never even said it. President Donald Trump is no politician. He says what he means and means what he says. He is a subject matter expert on the “Art of the Deal”.

On the world stage, the United States has been taken advantage of for quite some time because there has never been a president who understands how business works quite the way President Trump does. This has resulted in politicians going into discussions with other world leaders with no idea how to negotiate while keeping American interests in mind.

It seems (according to this CNN article) https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/06/politics/war-of-1812-donald-trump-justin-trudeau-tariff/index.html that Canada was insulted because President Trump either inferred or outright called them a “national security” threat to the US.

Shocking isn’t it?

Well EVERY country in the world is a “national security” threat to EVERY OTHER country. It must be THE priority of every leader and every government to look to the national security of their country, before looking at security of other countries, if at all.

What I see happening as a result of President Trump’s hard line approach to foreign policy, import and export and border security are causing other nations to reevaluate their approach to America. They are beginning to understand that “give and play” with this American president will have either great benefits for their country or it will have a great detriment.

As for CNN and other Fake News outlets they need to realize that leakers and leaked stories with unnamed sources lend no credibility to their organizations, nor do they enhance national security for America. They need to return to “Fair and Balanced – Reporting” and drop the Fake News. I’m surprised that the White House Pressroom is still accommodating their unscrupulous reporting. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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