The Trouble with Donald J. Trump



The Trouble with Donald J. Trump

The article written recently by Charles Krauthammer perfectly explains why liberals and conservatives can’t figure out what makes President Trump tick.

For the past 3 years people have tried to put Donald Trump into a box so they can figure out why he does what he does and how to outflank him which was really hard to do because at one point Trump was an ardent supporter of democrats and was a financial contributor of many a campaign.

It may have been his encounter with President Ronald Reagan, but Donald Trump became a conservative of sorts. Although not running for president, Donald Trump began forming strong opinions on what he felt was wrong in government.

I for one could not put my finger on it, but he wasn’t really liberal or conservative in his thinking. As a very successful businessman he became a billionaire and began branching out in his business dealings, even creating his television show “The Apprentice” in which he was the star and the show became a huge success.

So it was only natural, when he announced he was running for the office of President of the United States, that people thought it was just a publicity stunt, after all he wasn’t anything close to your typical politician, right? It was expected that after the first debate he would fizzle out and blend back into the fabric of the American tapestry.

The campaign was brutal; Trump took on all comers and began putting them in their place, until it was him versus Hillary. Anticipation and skewed polling gave Hillary the election from the start.

Everyone was surprised and in total shock after the election results were tabulated and announced. Donald J. Trump won over Hillary Rodham Clinton in a total and devastating upset in the Electoral College.

The liberal left went into melt down mode. College students began calling themselves “snowflakes” and adopted as their symbol the universal “diaper pin” (nobody had seen diapers since – Pampers) and the pin was hilarious as a symbol.

Fast forward to the first 500 days in office, liberals and conservative politicians are still trying to figure out Donald Trump. They call him brash, irrational and unfit for the presidency (among other things). Democrats don’t like him and I’m sure there are Democrats he doesn’t like either. Republicans don’t like him and I’m sure there are Republicans he doesn’t like either. Neither group has any idea how to handle this maverick, the renegade of a president.

It wasn’t until I read the Krauthammer article that I understood what is wrong with Donald J. Trump, he is not liberal or conservative and his approach to problem solving is not restricted to typical political party solutions.

Donald Trump is a pragmatist. He doesn’t see a problem as a democrat or a republican problem; he just sees it as a problem. I guess that is just too simple for many politicians to handle. The congressional democrats have been diverted away from rational thinking. Rather than identify problem areas and effect solutions, democrats want to present bills that would make it illegal to use plastic straws in the congressional dining hall due to environmental dangers of discarded plastics.

It is no secret that Donald Trump says exactly what he means and is not shy about doing so on Twitter or at a press briefing. Put him in front of world leaders, like the recent G7 meeting in Canada, President Trump very clearly told them that America is not their world piggy bank.

The president said he would initiate tariffs until fair and free trade agreements are reached between the G7 member states. Then he announced that Russia should be let back into the G7 so that they are brought to the negotiation table as well. It didn’t go over very well. Not only did it not go over well, but the Canadian prime minister held a news conference where he placed the blame on President Trump. If that wasn’t bad enough, Senator John McCain publically came out with a statement undermining President Trump with the G7.

President Donald Trump did not get elected to continue the charade of America being the world’s Piñata where we come out on the short end of negotiation after negotiation. American don’t want “business as usual” to continue with our government. America elected someone who sees a problem, determines solutions, then SELECTS solutions which will keep American interests intact. A pragmatist does exactly that, problem + solution = FIXED.

So what is wrong with Donald J. Trump = He Fixes Things! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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