The Case for a T4 Coalition



The Case for a T4 Coalition

The latest “news” reporting was about President Trump’s remarks to the G7 when he called them a Fools Trade coalition, then left the summit to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jung Un concerning denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

It seems that our “allies” are only in it for the money! Their deep pockets are simply full of holes. Tariff’s on USA goods are what grease the wheels of their economy and at great expense to the American taxpayer. So think about it. America charges low tariffs while other nations charge considerably higher tariffs in return for US goods.

If that isn’t bad enough we have been the world police (often under the charter of the United Nations) and foot the bill. Who pays to transport US military and equipment to foreign soil? Even under the UN, US taxpayers?

What about our stabilizing forces on foreign soil? How much do we pay for US overseas bases and embassies? What does it cost to train and operate our military in other countries? Who foots the bill, US taxpayers?

What I propose is a global “Reset Button” like the one Obama and Hillary gave Russia, only one that works for America.

Since Germany no longer sees the USA as a reliable ally and the rest of the G7 could not get Trump to play in their sandbox (that we paid for) we should simply withdraw from the G7. Maintain the higher tariffs proposed by the president, but create our own coalition.

After the first ever summit with North Korea concludes the USA should create a Trump coalition and call it the “T”. In fact we could probably create allies with 3 nations who would like “free trade” with the United States right off the bat. We could begin with the T4 (Japan, South Korea, North Korea and the United States). Member states of the T4 would incur no tariffs between member states.

I bet that it wouldn’t take long for others to want in, say Israel, then China and Russia, and how many others? Free trade would benefit each other and boost the import and export of consumer goods, thereby helping the economies of each member state.

Without pulling any punches, America’s biggest issue would come from the American Congress, who seems to be all too happy letting the USA be sucker punched with outrageously high tariffs while charging peanuts in return. The congress is actively considering a bill to restrict the presidential power concerning tariffs. Couple that with the outspoken disunity of the Congresses lack of support for President Trump’s agenda as presented so clearly by John McCain (RINO – AZ) and his collogues in the Democrat Party it won’t take long.

Seriously, why is the USA the world’s piggy-bank or ATM with everyone having the same pin code, except the American taxpayers who foot the bill entirely without recourse? President Trump’s proposal on free trade would eliminate tariffs entirely between G7 member states and give everyone a level playing field. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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