DACA – Back in the News Again, with a Twist



DACA – Back in the News Again, with a Twist

Guess what illegal immigration is back in the news again, only this time with a twist. As the Trump administration is securing our southern border with improved fencing and other measures to prevent unauthorized and illegal immigration it seems that “Houston we have a problem”.

On the Mexican side in the Tijuana area what amounts to tent city law offices are being manned by US citizens who are actively “coaching” immigrants on the “proper” responses to US INS officials as they apply for amnesty. It matters not that these “lawyers” are in fact violating US law by doing that. If they were doing the same thing inside the US they could be prosecuted.

Let’s look at who are these immigrants or refugees as they are called. The media is calling them “families” because of the children involved. However it has been shown that some are indeed families, while many others are not. Some are single “parents” or drug smugglers, using children as “chits” in their attempt to get accepted into the United States.

What nobody is saying is that if a person is indeed fleeing their homeland in Central or South America or Africa for fear of persecution. Why have they not applied for political asylum in the first country they stepped foot on? Or why were they allowed or given a pass to transit other nations in their quest to come to the United States?

In 2012 President Obama unconstitutionally used his powers of Executive Order to create the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals act, which authorized certain people access to the United States and created a path to citizenship. This was a direct subversion of the legislative powers of government who are the law making branch of government.

So in 2018 the Trump administration is enforcing US law which prosecutes anyone caught crossing the border illegally, a byproduct of enforcement is the temporary separation of children while the process is ongoing.

As I said earlier it is the Congress (Legislative Branch) which creates laws, and has the power to correct laws which are clearly contains errors or glitches. What we are seeing today is a divided congress where Republican members are attempting to undergo comprehensive immigration legislation, while some on the Democratic side are grandstanding in front of the media or even worse refusing to participate in the legislative process they are obligated to do. Maybe it’s time that those who abstain or resist in doing their jobs should be docked their pay as an immediate consequence?

There are two sides to this coin: One is either the Problem or the Solution? Choose One! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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