Blue Dogs Turn Red

Blue Dog Gang Sign Chart


Blue Dogs Turn Red

Why do democrats use such visually stimulating colors in the presentation of the facts “as they see them”? It’s interesting to me that the color “blue” has long been associated with Democrats and the color “red” has been the Republicans color of choice.

So why all of a sudden have the Democrat Party launched into this childish era of using what amounts to gang signs? The raised fists are reminiscent of the days of the Black Panther party or the Socialist Party. Recently it has been designated as a red fist telling supporters of President Trump they are not welcome in certain establishments. So why the red fist, because red is representative of the Republican Party?

It’s been said that Democrats are so keen on using graphical representation to get their points across, in particularly with voters. They do such a great job that I’ve heard of dead voters casting their ballots for Democrats.

What is really telling in the grand scheme of things are the number of elected Democrats in federal and state positions and are suffering from early stages of dementia, having reverted back to kindergarten level problem solving. They are reported to have told audiences to go “beat up or harass” the mean old Trumpers. Some are even calling government officials and agencies mean and nasty names, which often show the true intelligence of the one talking. Remember don’t talk to strangers? Well don’t talk about strangers either. There’s nothing stranger than a stranger talking about another stranger, strange don’t you think?

When you hear or see someone telling you that wrong is right and right is wrong, don’t fall for it. If you want an infallible standard that will never let you down or steer you wrong, try picking up a Bible and reading the Ten Commandments from God to man. They are rules to live by. When someone tells you that stealing is ok, it’s not! No amount of rationalizing will change the fact that law breaking is law breaking is law breaking. I may not be the brightest light bulb in the box, but I am The Real Truckmaster!

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