A Crack in the Liberal Armor



A Crack in the Liberal Armor

Today is sort of a turning point in American politics. It is the day the liberal armor began to crack. It is the day that Representative Steve Scalise spoke out against the inappropriate rantings of Representative Maxine Waters. It is the day that a motion to censure and ask for the resignation of Rep. Waters. It is also the day that Senator Chuck Schumer, fearing the political backlash moved away from Maxine. And finally it is the day when America can finally see how unhinged the liberal left Democrats in Congress have become.

It seems unreal that the manufactured hatred toward President Donald J. Trump was virtually unheard of until he announced his run for the presidency. It didn’t materialize with action until it was clear that Queen Hillary would not move into the Oval Office.

I could see displeasure with the president, had he started off his administration by declaring the United States an open border state and openly invite Islamic terrorists to ply their wares here, as they do in their homeland and throughout the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the free world. I would be outraged had the president, sold our natural resources to China, Russia or other nations for personal gain, or began undercutting the Constitution of the United States and dismantling our Republic. It would pain me greatly to see the president wreak havoc on our nation’s financial establishments and begin tearing apart our nation by race, religion or sexual orientation or embraced the torturous death by abortion of our unborn, ripping them literally from the womb. One doesn’t have to be a Rhode Scholar to see what has been tearing at the very fabric of our nation since the removal of God from our public life and establishments and the passing of Roe vs Wade.

Over the course of our nation’s history our system of political governance has morphed and migrated to what we have today a system of political parties with very different ideas on what is better for America. Historically the Republican party rallied for the abolition of slavery, the rights of women to vote, the abolition of racism in America, while opposed at every step by a Democrat Party, that presents itself as the savior of the racial minority and the under privileged in America.

America’s inner cities have bought into the lie spewed by the liberal leftist that they and they alone give voice to their plight, while one only has to look at the leadership of America’s large cities and most populated states, where stifling policies on law enforcement, unemployment and high taxes, coupled with increases in violent crime and old fashioned “Chicago-style” mob rule is order of the day.

Today is a new day in America and many a new start will begin as the 2018 mid-term elections are running full swing. I ask America, “Are you better off today than you were just 2 years ago?”

“What have you got to lose?” The liberal armor is about to crack wide open as a new breed of Democrats, free-thinkers who look beyond the hype and look to the future of a better America.

America doesn’t need another “politician-president”, America needs a “problem solving-president”. America needs a winner. When our president stays focused on American safety, security and economy – America wins. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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