Clueless Liberal Business Guidelines



Clueless Liberal Business Guidelines

We’re beginning to see symptoms exhibited in clueless businesses nationwide. It’s hard to pin down the actual disease, but it must be something in the water that is causing an epidemic-like illness similar to what was seen in the wild west during the 49 California Gold Rush that caused bustling and booming mining towns to go belly up. It is spreading across the United States and it is growing worse every day. Does it have a name yet? I might propose calling it what it is, “C.L.B. syndrome” (Clueless Liberal Business syndrome).

I know they must teach business classes in colleges and universities. There are a couple of universal principles that successful business must adhere to. One is location, location, location. Location is important when wanting to attract new customers or bring out new products. Being in the wrong location hurts the business and stifles growth. Second is that the customer is always right. Pleasing customers gets the word out to other potential customers and just helps businesses grow. A major factor in having a successful business is having the right business model and the right employee staff. When you neglect having knowledgeable supervisors and workers the end result is that not only will you stop growing the business, but you will lose your motivated workforce. Finally having the right signage is crucial in identifying your business, promoting your product line or announcing upcoming specials?

There are a number of things a business owner can do to kill a business faster than this upcoming liberal plague. One sure fire way to stifle your business is to place signs that single out a specific group of the local population and announce their business is no longer wanted. In America we call it discrimination. It is against the law to discriminate based upon race, religious, sexual orientation, creed or national origin and is a good way to draw attention from county, state and federal health inspectors, or Internal Revenue auditors or even local building inspectors. Placing a sign up that prohibits Republicans is simply ludicrous. The purpose of a business should be to attract customers, not chase them away.

It is clear that some people should never delve into the business world. Maybe those same people should reconsider having offspring as well. After all what good is a business that is content to be substandard and/or hire employees without any customer service skills or adequate training to develop those skills?

Lucky for everyone the internet has made it so that many businesses are forced to conduct their businesses on level playing fields. One can now go on twitter, Instagram or facebook and locate any particular business, read and post comments as to the merits or demerits of a particular business. Even the old fashioned letter to the editor in a local newspaper can get the word out on a particularly worthless business. Reporting a business to the local Better Business Bureau can cause a reversal of substandard business practices. Although it takes more man hours, one can always create a huge distracting sign and pace up and down the street in front of the business, forcing them to change their business practices.

It’s not really a good idea to target folks who have the power to put your business out of commission in short order. It’s like the saying, “Raise your children right, as they will be selecting your nursing home.” I’m surprised that legislators with the power to create or write bills that can become laws would spend so much time complaining about a law, instead of working to correct it? Liberals are the only “species” that will shoot themselves in the foot and wonder what happened. I guess another saying is appropriate and that is, “Life is hard, harder if you’re stupid.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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