Like a Pack of Hyenas

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Like a Pack of Hyenas

Maybe it’s a natural human tendency to gather together in a mutually beneficial pact where ideas are exchanged, solutions are proposed and implemented. I don’t think one man working alone could have come up with the “wheel”. How was it determined to be round? Who put a hole in the middle? What about the name? Could all this have been done in a majority of one?

What I think is two or more guys were sitting outside the man cave, near an open fire roasting dinner and slurping on a “wet one” while deciding on inventing something. It may have been hard to come up with something after someone had already invented “fire”.

Over time someone may have been climbing a hill and dislodged a huge rock which “rolled” (new idea) down the hill and thus the idea of rolling was formed. The rock may have hit something and split open, thus producing 2 halves. Someone else may have come along and started pounding in the middle trying to split the half and only succeeded in punching a hole through the middle (this could have been the first hole in one), then he moved to the other half and ended up doing the same thing, another hole in the one. No it wasn’t until much later that golf was invented.

Could the next evolutionary use of these halves have been someone else putting a branch through each half, standing up the 2 halves and needing a purpose, put a log on top of the branch and moving it further down the hill? This is all speculation (my speculative powers).

In the animal kingdom there are mommy and daddy animals that produce baby animals. OK, so much for basics. But take several young wild animals and when they come together as a group they become a pack. In hyenas they may be called a pride, but when they focus on their prey, acting as one they attack and nothing will detract them. After making the kill they devour the prey, beginning with the alpha male or female, leaving the lowest ranking member to savage for scraps.

People are the same way only they become a click, gang or mob. The funny thing (not funny) about gangs is how they act when they come together. In much the same way as hyenas, gangs take individuals who lose their individuality while striving to be accepted. As the mob mentality sets in they find themselves powerless to resist and end up doing and saying things they wouldn’t otherwise say or do.

When it comes to American politics there are hierarchies and divisions which mimic those in the animal kingdom. Take an Bobby who feels slighted, he can scribble on a sign “Johnny’s Unfair”, then marsh up and down the street for days or weeks protesting. Passersby stop and ask Bobby what’s going on? Bobby tells them he feels slighted by Johnny and suddenly someone else scribbles on a sign and joins Bobby. As the crowd begins to grow, the tension changes and tempers get heated. Now you have a crowd which has just become a mob as they take off after Johnny. There are threats and words being thrown around and next comes setting trash cans on fire, tipping over the family doghouse or worse. If left out of control nobody wins.

What we have today is an organized mob action against President Trump led by some very highly placed U.S. government officials, directing violence against other government officials and private citizens who happen to believe an alternate perspective on political issues. The media attention focuses a spotlight on come pretty outlandish behavior, which may affect it in a negative or positive manner.

If all you hear on social media, news networks and radio are reports that the sky is falling, it’s only natural to believe the sky is falling. What one should probably do first is look outside to see if the sky is really falling? What you find may surprise you. Either the sky is really falling or some people are going off the deep end without a paddle or a canoe.

Bad behavior, whether on the left or the right is not acceptable, in particular when it is a prominent government official stirring up the pot. Reciting hateful or destructive rhetoric only hurts the cause of freedom. Threatening anybody with death or physical harm is against the law and can result in your being put away for a long, long time.

Civil discourse is healthy, while hatred burns like a cancer and scars our very souls.

In the Bible we are told that the love of money is the root of all evil. Once someone has been bitten by that money bug, there is on satisfying it. Money leads to power. Power in the hands of the wrong person can be destructive.

Remember that nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. When everybody does nothing bad people can cause a lot of destruction wherever they go.

This week we are on the eve of America’s July 4th celebration, where patriotism rules the day. We celebrate the birth of our great nation, the heritage we all share, and the look forward to the future that lies ahead.

Contrary to what others tend to tell you about our country, the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth. Our friendship and support of Israel is cemented in our belief that God blesses those who bless Israel and God curses those who curse Israel. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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