Impeach Max Max



Impeach Mad Max

 Maxine Moore Waters (D-CA) was born in 1938 in St. Louis, Missouri.

In my opinion Maxine Waters is racist and a prime example of someone with an extremely abrasive personality who grew up challenged by the absence of her father. After graduating high school in 1955, she married in 1956; had two children which they raised in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. She was a working mom who went through a divorce in 1972 and became a single mom in Watts.

Maxine Waters was first exposed to politics in 1973 and worked for a Los Angeles city councilman. She was elected to the California State Assembly in 1976 and attained the Democratic Caucus Chair for the assembly and married Sid Williams in 1977.

Winning the 1990 election for the California Democratic Representative, she assumed office in January 1991 where she has been continually reelected and served the 43rd District today.

Maxine Waters is passionate about fighting injustice as she sees it. After the Rodney King verdict in 1992 and following the Los Angeles riots she delivered relief supplies and demanded the resumption of vital services endearing herself to her constituents.

Her racial prejudices became evident as was her skewed sense of right and wrong when she said the rioting was understandable and an acceptable spontaneous reaction to lots of injustices. The looting of Korean-owned businesses was not really looting, just moms taking the opportunity to pick up some milk, bread and shoes for their families. In her view they weren’t really criminals.

She is a member of the racist Congressional Black Caucus and is a onetime chair (1997-1998) where she has been emboldened to the point of being unruly and turbulent with other members of congress. Her reign in politics has brought allegations of corruption, ethics violations and dissension.

Her racial prejudices have surfaced repeatedly when in 1998 she wrote an open letter to Fidel Castro apologizing for the U.S. effort to overthrow him during the 1960s. She also asked him to give political asylum to convicted cop killer Assata Shakur who fled to Cuba to escape prosecution and prison because she and others thought it was a wrongful conviction. Her actions flew in the face of the DOJ efforts to secure extradition.

In 1999 Maxine Waters insisted that President Clinton to return Elian Gonzales to Cuba after his mother drowned fleeing the Castro regime. Elian Gonzales was ripped from his American family’s arms by ICE agents and transported to Cuba over all objections.

This is a huge hypocrisy of Maxine Waters and Democratic members of congress who vocally oppose President Trump over immigration issues but refuse to take legislative action to correct what are obvious irregularities in current immigration laws.

In 2008 as a superdelegate to the DNC she endorsed Hillary Clinton’s nomination until she saw it was politically advisable to support Barack Obama for the nomination.

She led the charge in 2009 with fellow Congressional Black Caucus member John Conyers’ bill which called for reparations for slavery to be paid to black Americans.

This is a trademark of the Congressional Black Caucus claim to “Rooting out Racism in Government” while they ARE the racists in congress. They call for Confederate statues to be removed because they are reminders of racism.

I’m sorry but the Congressional Black Caucus is a blatant and openly racist organization which is sanctioned by congress and funded by tax payer dollars.

Maxine Waters and the Congressional Black Caucus are dedicated to the downfall of the government of the United States and more importantly the Trump administration which she claims should be ashamed of ripping children from their families at the border, when she is a member of the legislative body who write the laws.

Before Trump came along, Maxine opposed both Bush presidents and even criticized Barack Obama for not supporting the black community with sweeping changes like they thought he would do.

Her connection to the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has drawn calls for her resignation early in 2018.

Maxine Waters is a prime example of why term limits are needed for members of congress. Her openly calling for stalking and harassment of US Government Officials is simply an unconscionable act for a sitting U.S. Representative and is a disservice for her constituents and all Americans.

It’s time for Maxine Waters to be censured and removed from congress for racial prejudices and her inability, no her unwillingness to do what she was elected to do – uphold the rule of law. Her “Angry Auntie” routine is a thing of the past and America needs legislators who are Making America Great Again! Impeach Mad Maxey! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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