Choosing to Divide

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Choosing to Divide

Since when does the Constitution give anyone the right to divide? Name an Amendment? Give me precedence or something that clearly states, “You have the God-given right to divide the United States of America for political purposes?” Our country is not the Divided States of America, at least not constitutionally. As a nation we have more in common than we have differences. Yet it is the differences which divide us and anyone who does not feel, act or say as we think becomes the enemy, right? Wrong!

Over the past 242 years our nation has had the peaceful change of 45 administrations and with each new president we have quarreled over what person is best suited to hold the highest office of the land, with one exception – General George Washington! He is the only one to receive ALL the votes and become our first President of the United States. I’ll let you in on a little known secret (none have been perfect) ok?

Our forefathers came to the new world to start over, raise their families and expand their own horizons. They did not come for war, but in peace. They did not want to infringe upon anyone else’s right to live freely. Men and women came seeking new adventures. They did not bring slaves.

I’ve written on slavery before and America does not have a slavery problem, unless you count the slavery imposed by a government who gives away free stuff in exchange for total dependency and domination.

Slavery has been around for quite some time and it will never truly go away until the demand stops. What is ludicrous is when a small group of Americans try to extort a government or a people by using guilt to achieve ill-gotten financial gain or to exercise a certain power over other people, even of their own race or heritage.

Shortly after the election of Barack Obama I had a young black man ask me who is the best and who was the worst president?  Now this tends to be a loaded question and the expected answer may not always please the one asking. Without hesitating I told him that every president falls into both categories. He didn’t understand, so I explained that new presidents tend to be looked at as the best president and the outgoing president is seen as the worst, depending on who’s asking and who’s answering.

Wartime presidents are looked at as good presidents when we are winning, but bad presidents because of the loss of American lives or the destruction waged upon the enemy. Scandals occurring during their administration tend to pull every president down.

When America is attacked the president must respond with appropriate and decisive action and constitutionally the congress must declare war. As we have seen often a president who wages war is seen as a tyrant and without the backing of congress AND the American people it can go badly real fast.

This brings me back to the real question, by what authority does one choose to divide the nation up for political purposes? In the case of elected and appointed government officials AND members of the U.S. military services we must CHOOSE to take the oath of office where we pledge with our sacred honor to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and domestic and there is no expiration date on that oath. So it baffles the mind and makes me a bit angry when I see or hear of people taking the oath but not honoring it. Take for example our president, our legislative and judicial officials, even those appointed into public service. For the most part our oaths are the same.

During the Obama administration it was rumored that newly “minted” citizens did not have to pledge their allegiance to the flag, or the nation when reciting the oath of citizenship. I don’t know if that was true, but just hearing about it was disturbing.

So when it was heard that the Trump administration was requiring West Wing staff and Cabinet officials to pledge or give their allegiance to the president the media led congress went berserk, over what – nothing! Yet those who groaned the loudest did the same thing before they assumed office and I’m sure they required their staff to be loyal to them and back their efforts.

America under President Trump is charting a new course in world affairs and it scares those who want America to be that safe little place on this side of the world, but with no restrictions of any kind, EXCEPT when it comes to the president’s agenda or what he says or does.

Rather than backing this president and telling the world we are of one body, our public officials go out of their way to insure that they are on record as opposing anything this president does. By doing this they undermine national security and US foreign policy as defined by the president. The media amplifies this opposition and broadcasts to the world that America is divided, sending a clear signal to our friends and enemies alike that we are ripe for the picking.

It is important that the nation project to the world that we stand with our president and have our nation’s back because peace through strength is the deterrent that defines us as a strong alley and a profound adversary.

When campaigning on the stump Abraham Lincoln repeated a biblical verse that a house divided cannot stand. He understood that principle even though he was self-educated during a time when public education meant walking miles to sit in a one room classroom, unless you were the bread winner for the family. Abraham Lincoln stayed true to his convictions that a united America was essential and that we had more in common than we had in division. He staked his life on it.

Choosing to divide is certainly an option which many entertain just because they can. Choosing to unite is a better option. Contrary to what the media and various entertainers tell us, America is stronger when we stand together. I stand behind President Trump and will do my part to resist the resisters in order to Make America Strong Again, to Make America Safe Again, and to Make America Great Again.

Will you? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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